IKEA Studio Space Hack

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IKEA Studio Space Fabric Storage Hack

Before I left for quilt market, I had a serious problem. This room looked like a fabric factory exploded in it. The issue was all of these fabric rolls. With nine Art Gallery Fabrics collections, the stash was growing. Naturally, much of the fabric is given away to bloggers to sew with etc. But I keep a fair amount to sew with myself, and frankly for my great great grandkids to know what their great great grandmother did. You can see which lines are dwindling down the ends here! 

For years, I kept the rolls in large white metal IKEA garbage cans. But when there were four cans taking up floor space, and a new line arrived, I ended up with 20 rolls of fabric sitting in the front hall. Not to mention, I had rolls of fabric stuffed betwix and between furniture in this room and in the front hall closet, making access nearly impossible.

I took to Pinterest (see my pinboard here) to figure out how to handle the problem on Saturday. And, by the end of the night yesterday, this solution was finished and in place in the studio. I must add that my IKEA stop was 20 minutes in and out and the joint was CROWDED. Seriously, I've NAILED my IKEA game. Hint: Know exactly what you want, do NOT go upstairs into "the maze". Go directly to the computers by the bin aisles downstairs and find the bin locations. Load your cart, check out and get the heck out of dodge.

Here's how we made this table: 

1. 3 Kallax shelving units placed on their sides all in a row. (item 501.784.82) 

2. 2 Gerton table tops side by side. (item 401.962.4) We ended up placing the table tops going horizontally across the room with the "cubbies" facing out simply based on the shape of the room, and the fact we wanted the cubbies facing the door. But the table tops could really be placed on top in either direction. 

The whole unit measures 59" x 61". It's a big table and takes up a lot of floor space, but not as much as those darn cans which were blocking access to the door to the bathroom and the fabric cabinet and shelves on the other side of the room. I literally could not get to the knits without serious effort and moving a million things. Now I can USE them! I'm SO happy to finally have this problem under control, and I feel like with some purging (read: look for giveaways soon!), I'll have the storage solution for my next several lines under control as well.


13 Stylish Fabric Collage Projects to Make Now

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Bari J. Fabric Collage
If you've known me for very long, you've probably seen some of my fabric collage work.
My 2011 book, Inspired to Sew, features lots of fun projects. Most recently I created this tea towel for my upcoming fabric trade show booth (Quilt Market).
And, here's a video of me showing you how to do it. 
One thing I changed since making this video is I use Elmer's Washable School glue with a fine tip to hold all the pieces in place. I heat set the pieces with a dry iron. Much better than the pins and the dried glue doesn't bother the machine one bit. The key is using a small amount of glue with that fine tip.
Here are 13 stylish maximalist ways I've used fabric collage (I don't have photos for all of them, but I've raided my files for what I could find):
1. As a faux container garden on a pillow.
2. On the edge of a skirt
3. To edge the collar of a blouse
4. At the bottom of a slip covered chair.
5. On a t-shirt.
6. On a bag.
7. All the way around a quilt.
8. On the edge of a tea towel.
9. On the edge of curtains.
10. On quilt blocks.
11. On a pot holder.
12. All along the edge of a floor length asymmetrical dress.
13. On the edge of an apron.
Fabric collage by Bari J.
Bari J. Fabric Collage
Bari J. Fabric Collage
Bari J. Fabric Collage
Bari J. Fabric Collage
Bari J. Fabric Collage
Bari J. Fabric Collage

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I hate being late...

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... but secretly, I love getting your emails inquiring where your free device wallpapers are if I'm a day or two late each month. Not that I TRY to be late, but sometimes it happens. It's just kinda sorta nice to hear you like them so much!

Bari J. Free Device WallpapersIt has now been more than a year and a half since I started offering free monthly device wallpapers and calendar downloads to "Something Beautiful Tribe" members.

You can check out all the previous device art here.

And you can get yours by subscribing here. Don't worry. That's free too. And I don't send email more than once a week! And when I do, I try my best to offer you value in those emails.

To that end, I'd like to ask you... what would you like to hear from me about in those emails? What are you struggling with when it comes to sewing... decorating or style and color? I'd love to help!

Is there something you'd like me to share with you? Please let me know in the comments below.

To those of you who are already part of the tribe, THANK YOU! I appreciate your support more than you know!

Bari J. Free Calendar

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Obsession: The Maximalist Table Top

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The Maximalist Table Top from the Curated Maximalist, Bari J.
For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with dinnerware. I'd buy every appealing piece if it was up to me. Instead, I've been collecting it for years over on Pinterest... a far more cost effective collecting method. And I'm going to drop a Big. Fat. Hint... There may or may not be Bari J. tabletop goods in the very near future. I dunno. Just leaving that there for you to think about it.
In the meantime ... Here are a few of my Pinterest board favorites:
Suite One Studio
Suite One Studio
Style files
Style Files
Dot and BoDot and Bo
Mod ClothMod cloth
SeedlingSeedling Clayworks

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Why you should do a 100 day project now!

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Bari J. 100 day project #100daysofbirdsandcritters

Some time back late last year, I started on a journey to paint 100 pieces of art. I called it #100daysofBirdsandCritters and I started posting to Instagram

So... ummmm ... yeah. so... that could take 100 weeks!

Whatever. 100 days. 100 weeks. Who's counting?

But I figure My Game My Rules. I get to do it in as long a period of time as I want... here's the catch... I can take as long as I want, as long as I eventually get it done.

I think I'm up to 30 or so critters and birds. Yeah. I totally should have been numbering them. Didn't. Word to the wise: number your days.

In the end, despite my lack of every-single-day-ness, I've gained so much from doing this. It doesn't really what you commit to doing... a gratitude journal, yoga, or art... as long as you do it. 

Here are my top four reasons for doing a project whether it's for 100 days or 20 days or a week:

1. Committing to do something no matter how long it takes, and then doing it plain old makes you feel like a rock star.

2. Doing something over and over and over again will eventually make you crazy good at it.

3. For me, my project was creating art pieces ... I ended up using a lot of those art pieces in my most recent fabric line, Joie de Vivre. And, I am selling prints of favorites of the pieces as well. Two birds. One stone. (Yikes. That's a terrible saying, especially since birds are my subject... but you catch my drift.)

4. It gives you something fun to post on Instagram that people like to engage with and follow ... Take videos of your process for bonus points!

5. If you do anything for consecutive days, it helps create a habit. Despite the fact that I didn't do this 100 days in a row, I did do many days in a row. And, I now find it easy to get out the paint and just create without thinking too much or spending time judging the work. I just do it.

So there you go! Get started and do something wonderful for yourself! 



PS to view the project on Instagram follow me there! Or search #100daysofbirdsandcritters


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Curated Maximalist: Jewelry Vibes

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Curated Maximalist: Jewelry Vibes with Bari J.
One of the hallmarks of a Curated Maximalist look has to be statement jewelry. You might be wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans, but that WOW necklace is saying, "this is ME!". Here is a pile of bling that I'm crushing on!
Your Great Finds
Your Great Finds
Frieda + Sophie
The Boho Garden
Julie Cohn
Julie Cohn Design
by Angeline
by Angeline

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Camp Instagram is OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT!

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Camp InstagramFor several months now, my friend Sarah and I have been working on creating a course on Instagram. It all started last year around March when the two of us set off on a journey to grow our own Instagram followings. We dug for information, scoured the internet, took classes, and constantly messaged each other with our findings and our growth. In a year, we grew our followings by nearly 30,000 collectively. With that our online sales increased and new business opportunities started flowing in. We also grew our newsletter mailing lists.

Late last year we both knew we just HAD to share with other artists, designers and creatives, what we've learned... and with that CAMP INSTAGRAM was born!

We KNOW what the struggles are. We've been there. What should I post? When should I post? How do I find my audience? Who IS my audience? How do I translate this into business growth? We've asked ourselves all of these questions... and now we are sharing the answers with you!

We've created over 5 hours worth of video for you plus worksheets and bonuses galore!

To enroll, just click here!

Happy Instagramming!



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