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Trending: Chinoiserie / Bari J.
Amazing Chinoiserie walls are trending and trending hard. They're turning up everywhere I look. The piece above by Dejournay is just one of many.
Last month by chance (maybe in my subconscious I saw it coming) I painted this below...
Bari J. Maximalist Bedroom
Initially I intended to paint the entire wall, not a canvas. But I came to my senses and realized I could create a wallpaper from this design. Today, with the scan of the painting in my hot little hands, I put the painting into repeat and mocked the whole idea up in photoshop:
Bari J. Chinoiserie Wallpaper maximalist bedroom
I absolutely love the result.
And I love this trend:
Better Homes and Gardens
Links to these images and more can be found here.
Tell me what you think of the Chinoiserie trend in the comments!
Bari J. Trending: Chinoiserie Chic



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