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How to Make Professional Lined Pinch Pleat Curtains

How to Make Professional Lined Pinch Pleat Curtains

I've long been a fan of traditional pinch pleat curtains, and couldn't be more thrilled they've made a huge design comeback in recent years. I was dying to make some custom pinch pleat cafe curtains for our living room and dining room for some time. Last week I made this dream a reality, and I did the planning and sewing myself saving myself around a thousand dollars in labor charges. 

Lined pinch pleat curtains

While I will not claim making curtains is easy. It is doable... Shorter curtains, like cafe curtains are even more so because they can fit on a table. The hardest parts of any curtain project are the planning and math and the cutting. An extra large table helps.

For the pleat and cut planning, I made myself a google sheet to keep everything in one place and for visually planning. I created a video of the whole process. Everything from spreadsheet planning and math plus all of the sewing is included in the video. I even added a section that will teach you to perfectly match the pattern on your seamed panel if you are using patterned fabric.

Note: the fabric I used was custom designed and printed for this project. We hope to someday have it in a fabric collection for you to purchase.

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