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Beautiful Home Decor Ideas - Skirted Furniture, Sinks and More

Beautiful Home Decor Ideas - Skirted Furniture, Sinks and More

I've always been a girlie girl. I appreciate a ruffle here and there and I surely appreciate skirted sofas, tables, sinks and cabinets. And good news...  we are seeing more and more of this lately in home decor. Recently, I sewed up a skirt for our pedestal sink in our guest bathroom, and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. 

Bari J. Skirted Sink Floral fabric charlotte garden mistIf you'd like to sew a skirt for your sink, simply measure the circumference around it, and add one and half that amount to account for pleats. I used a pleater foot which I highly recommend, to make the pleats. But you can also certainly place a piece of string across the length be pleated, then zig zag stitch wide enough over it so you don't catch the string. Then simply pull the string to gather. I used double stick velcro to adhere to the sink. Of course, I hemmed all edges. I hemmed the top at a wider hem than the rest because it is visible at the top. This couldn't have been an easier project to make.

Fabric is "Garden Mist" from the Bari J. "Charlotte" collection for Art Gallery fabrics to create this skirt.


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