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March Screensavers 2016

Flowers. These fragrant mood enhancers do something strong for our spirits. We hold them on our wedding days and are given them on special occasions. They remind us of special people. Just the thought of my mother's row of peonies at the side of our childhood home brings me a sense of peace. I think of my grandmother when I see a daisy, and a special teacher when I smell lilacs... I see myself, a skipping five year old, with my mom's fresh lilacs wrapped with a wet paper towel and tin foil at the stem to bringing them to Ms. Anthony, beaming with a sense of pride. And a sunflower facing the sky brings lightness to my heart.

Flowers, like color, are joy to me. And so I paint them. In all their glory, I paint them... hoping that you can feel my joy and take part in it with me.

Enjoy this month's free screensaver and calendar flowers!
With love and color,
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