Quilt Along

Hello and welcome!

Starting October 16th and ending in April 2018 we (Bari + Melanie) will be making Anthologie Quilt, a modern/traditional sampler quilt full of patchwork and piecing techniques with a little boho flair.  Patterns will be released every other Monday.

Everyone is welcome to join in on the sewing fun.  It's completely free and the perfect opportunity to learn to quilt, learn more quilting techniques or just to connect with other makers and create something special. Complete newbies or advanced quilters are welcome.

You need not do anything special to join, but we'd love it if you posted your progress on IG using the #barijquiltalong and feel free to repost the above image to spread the word or share on Instagram (click image to save and download).  Invite your friends!  The more the merrier!

To stay caught up be sure to check back on this blog every other week for a new pattern (if you are on Bloglovin, stay caught up here) or visit Quilt Making for follow up posts.

If you are joining in late, no worries!  Below are all the patterns and steps used to make this quilt updated with each new pattern release.  Jump in anytime!

Click the images below for each bi-weekly pattern.