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Create a Vintage Maximalist Holiday this Year!

Create a Vintage Maximalist Holiday this Year!

At Bari J. we know you love mixing and matching pattern, and that means for the holidays too! Our collections evoke a feeling of yesteryear to help you create a beautiful table and home decor for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah and New Year's Eve. We've got a few ideas to get you started.

First, layer your table with a simple pattern. Bari J. "Better in Plaid" from the Charlotte Fabric collection makes a beautiful table cloth.

Bari J. Table Linens and Hand Painted Glass Ornaments

Next, layer our floral and plaid placemats and napkins on top. We love to mix and match vintage and new dinnerware. Below we mixed a placemat from the Mel collection with a Grace Napkin. Then we used a pretty amber vintage glass here as well. A hand-painted ornament to tops each napkin as gift for your guests!

We love glittery bottle brush trees as table centerpieces. Sprinkle natural garland and more ornaments throughout. For an extra festive decor touch, we wrapped little blocks in paper and tied yarn on top!

Bari J. Table Linens and Ornaments

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