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Make a Quilt Using Our NEW "Charlotte" Fabrics

Make a Quilt Using Our NEW "Charlotte" Fabrics

As a fabric designer, I love making a quilt from time to time. And this new collection of Bari J. designs for Art Gallery Fabrics, is sure to make you want to as well. Charlotte Fabrics takes its name from the Queen City of Charlotte, NC where we moved two years ago now. I love this town and it's charming atmosphere with gorgeous old architecture and gardens. These fabrics will be in stores late July, 2023 (SOON!), so we thought we'd get you inspired and ready to go!

I have never made a two fabric quilt before, and it took all my restraint to simply use just these two. But the result is striking. 

Irish Chain quilt bari j charlotte fabrics

This pattern is a Double Irish Chain quilt. I used a pattern from Gigi's Thimble that you can find here.

The two fabrics I used from "Charlotte" are CTT46703 Dancing Grace Rouge and CTT36707 Miss Thread Placid. I love how each of these reads as almost solid from a distance with a surprise when you see them up close. If you know me, you know I LOVE a ditsy floral. And you may recognize Miss Thread as we've used it in a couple collections. It was originally in Millie Fleur in other colors. It's an all time favorite of mine, and a wonderful substitute for a solid.

Dancing Grace Rouge
Miss Thread Placid
French Seamed pillow cases irish chain quilt.
In addition to the quilt I added two pillowcases using Dancing Grace Rouge with Blooming Hills Summer, and my plaid (which I've been wanting in fabric collection forever!), "Better in Plaid - Day" as a flange on the pillow case. These cases are super easy to make. You can find instructions on my YouTube, but please don't mind the production quality as I made two videos on this ages ago. They do the trick. They're made using the "burrito method" which makes the cuff double sided. I also used French seams. You'll get addicted to making these right away, so consider yourself warned.
I also made a bolster pillow using the same fabrics. The cuts I used are 4" x 8", but if I were to do it again, I'd do 12"h instead of 8".
irish chain quilt french seam pillow cases
blooming hills summer charlotte fabrics bari jBetter in Plaid fabric charlotte bari j
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