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Sage Inspiration

febrero 02, 2017

Sage Inspiration

Hello all, I'm Alexis (Find me on IG @myysweetsunshine ) and I get to take over Bari's blog for today! So who am I? I think that is a question for the ages! Kidding.  First, I am a full time Momma of 2, Logan and Taylor. I am also a full time seamstress and designer for Violette Field Threads.  Before I started working with VFT I was an Etsy Shop Owner of My Sweet Sunshine. I have been a HUGE fan and follower of Bari since my early days of running my shop.  I always wanted to use the best (her's of course) fabric for my creations. I used Bari's Emmy Grace, Budquette Nightfall and LillyBelle's Garden Rocket for so many of my dresses and skirts. She always knows how to bring Maximalist and boho together in her collections. It is one of my favorite things about her style. 

Bari just released her lastest fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabric called, Sage.  This Fabric collection is infused with the beauty of Arizona. This is true Bari style, Sage is full of vibrant colors and Maximalist prints.  The Cacti and Lemon prints are ON POINT and the GRAND florals are polished boho chic! 

I started sewing for the blog post right after Christmas and my daughter and I decided that she needed more winter to spring clothes. So what better way to fill up her closet but tons of prints from Sage! Are you ready for this? I made her 4 (plus 2 I made for the Lookbook) garments using 5 different prints. Most of them are tops because she is a crazy preteen that prefers tops and pants to dresses. BUT, I got one dress in there- HA! Mom still wins (a little). Blahahahahaha 

We decided to make a day out of our photoshoot so we jumped in the car and headed down to San Diego's Balboa Park. This place is so beautiful and makes for a beautiful background.

Enough chatting, let's get this party started...

Look 1

Fabric: Bougainvillea in Evergreen and Prickly Pear in Indigo

(Pattern used for Look 1- Violette Field Threads Pepper Tween)

Look  2

Fabric: Baja  Weave in Mauve

(Pattern used for Look 2- Violette Field Threads Matilda Tween-modified)

Look 3

Fabric:Bougainvillea in Evergreen

 (Pattern used for Look 3- Violette Field Threads Julianna Dress)

Look 4

Fabric: Coyote and Quail in Lavender

Did you notice the special coloring book in those photos? Have you already grabbed a copy of Bari's Make Something Beautiful for yourself? If you have not, check it out HERE. They make for great gifts!! This one is heading to a very special friend who is battling Breast Cancer. 

 (Pattern used for Look 4- Violette Field Threads Matilda Tween-modified)

I also made 2 "looks" for Art Gallery Fabrics Sage Lookbook. Here is one photo...

Fabric used:

Dress 1-Painted Desert Night in Voile with  Sunswept Canyon Sage

Dress 2- Yuma Lemons Glare, Saguaro Crest Olive, Bougainvillea Lilac 

If you want to see more go check out the full  Sage lookbook. Just be careful you may find yourself falling head over heels for all the beautiful creations! I about died over that Quilt!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog. I hope I could provide some inspiration and really had fun sharing my love of Sage!!  Thank you so much Bari!!




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febrero 03, 2017

I love all of these so much! I love that T will still wear what you make for her! It’s all beautiful!

cassie massolia
cassie massolia

febrero 03, 2017

So gorgeously written and sewn, Alexis!!! Bari, your Sage collection is just incredible!!!!!

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