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A Quiet Floral Wallpaper Moment in The Powder Room

A Quiet Floral Wallpaper Moment in The Powder Room

If there's one thing I've learned as a fabric, product and wallpaper designer, it's that not every moment in a home (or on one's person) need to be a KAPOW moment! If every room you walked into in a home was the focal point, what would you look at?

That's why when I design fabric collections, wallpaper collections, rug collections, I keep in mind that these items need to actually be used in a home. Variety and contrast is key. I have long called this "Curated Maximalism" and recently this style was referred to as "Layerism". It's about lovingly layering color and pattern and objects to create a story in a home.

While a powder room can certainly be a jewel box and "Ka-POW!" moment in many homes, in my own home, I knew this was a place where the wallpaper and tone of the room needed to be a little softer. There needed to be more air in any pattern I'd place in this room because it's situated directly next to a heavier, more deeply patterned William Morris wallpaper in the entry.

That is why I chose Bari J. "Grace Floral - Wine" in this space. It contrasts the Morris paper in the adjacent space and becomes a softer moment while still having movement and interest. (This paper also comes in three additional colorways).

Powder Room with Bari J. "Grace Wallpaper" - William Morris Pimpernel hallway

I additionally used a color from the opposite side of the color wheel, a burgandy/wine tone (a complementary color) in the flowers of the wallpaper. Next I layered in another complementary color to the green in the hallway, a rosey/peach color from Sherwin Williams called "Constant Coral". That color is both on the ceiling, crown and the baseboards. To pick up the coral while also keeping a fun contrast from the wallpaper, there is a tone of this color in the stems of the flowers in the wallpaper as well. 

It's about the layers and repetition.

The mirror I chose in this room from Anthropologie has leaves that actually seem to mimic the stems and leaves in the wallpaper. Bari J. Floral "Grace" Wallpaper in Wine - Powder Bathroom Renovation - Belshire Vanity DXV

The vanity in this space is Belshire from DXV Luxury with matching Belshire faucet, sink and towel holder. And you might notice a tiny repetition from the vanity on the hand soap container. The vanity has a gold/brass inlay stripe going up each side and a marble top. Coincidentally, I already had marble soap container with a brass inlay (I think from Target?), that added another repetitive detail. It's those details and happy accidents that will just make me smile any day!


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