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Our Story

get lost in our lush maximalist world of vibrant florals

Hey there, I’m Bari, the founder of Bari J. Designs. Welcome to my flower-filled, maximalist world!

For nearly two decades, I’ve created art as a way of reaching back in time to a place where tradition meets modernity, chintz prints collide with sleek mid-century design, and maximalism reigns free- a place that looks a lot like the 70s and 80s of my childhood.

Learn more about our brand story, inspiration, & process by reading on.

inspiration is planted

I grew up in a traditional colonial home in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago with a Mother who loved both traditional and modern decor.

When I was 10, my mom’s cousin’s husband (we called him cousin) Bernie, who was an interior designer re-decorated our house to magnificent effect. And that, sparked a flame inside of me…

the bari J. “style”

I was enamored with everything Bernie did: A sleek Milo Bauman brass and smoked glass table matched with fussy upholstered Queen Anne Chairs. Walls covered in a floral chintz accented with windows draped in billowing, heavy moire fabric with pink on one side and green on the other. Both offset by a brass chandelier and the traditional millwork of the house.

The whole house was a study in opposites: flowery, maximalist 80s decor mixed with modernist furniture.

It’s no surprise, I can pinpoint my style today straight back to fond memories of that house.

Moments that made Bari J. Design


On a whim Bari starts sewing handbags. Before long, she’s selling them to local boutiques and on her own website.


Inspired to create handbags with her own artwork on them, Bari designs her first collection of fabric, Full Bloom, and licenses it with a manufacturing partner. She then began her quest to license her art for other products such as wallpaper, stencils and more.


Bari’s first book, Inspired to Sew, is published by Stash Books.


With over a dozen fabric collections produced and sold worldwide, the Bari J. brand is gaining recognition.

Bari’s art can now be found licensed on a huge array of products such as rugs, wallpaper, phone cases, bedding, needlepoint canvases, stationery, mugs and dishes.


Bari’s second book, "Bloom Wild: a free-spirited guide to decorating with floral patterns" is published by Abrams Books.


The celebrated Bari J. X Joybird furniture collection is launched.


Bari’s husband, Kevin, joins the Bari J. team and they take the brand to the next level with the development of Bari J. branded lifestyle products.

While still licensing art to a select group of upscale companies, the Bari J. brand now focuses on producing their own collections of wallpaper, pillows, blankets, accessories and other goods for you and your home.

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Florals go with stripes, and animal print goes with everything

- Bari Ackerman

the process

From Painting to product

At Bari J., all of our dreamy products, from fabric and wallpaper to pillows, phone cases, and scarves, start with a hand-created piece of art by Bari herself.

She gets her inspiration from nature and history, and usually draws or paints her designs on canvas or paper.

Then, she scans the art into her computer and uses it to make beautiful fabric, wallpaper, stationery, and more.

Because it's digital, she can experiment with all sorts of colors and palettes.

That's why our products have that special handmade touch - because they really are handmade!

a formal introduction to our founder:

Bari Ackerman:

A leading designer in the fabric industry for over a decade, with more than 20 collections of fabric and hundreds of print patterns on the market.

With a background in advertising copywriting and design, Bari has used her creative skills to build an art and decor brand beloved by enthusiasts around the world.

Her popular collections feature her celebrated signature floral style and are instantly recognizable on products ranging from fabric (Art Gallery Fabrics), rugs (Loloi Rugs) to furniture (Joybird), and beyond.

After being raised in Chicago and living in both San Francisco and Scottsdale, AZ, she recently settled in Charlotte, NC with her husband Kevin.

She immediately fell in love with the city's charming historic architecture and lush southern surroundings, which have only nurtured her imagination and inspired her creativity even more. Follow along on her personal Instagram account to see how: @barijackerman.

For all other Bari J. Design things follow @barij.

Our Manifesto

At Bari J. we believe florals go with stripes and animal print goes with every thing.

We believe that more is more when more is intentional (not just stuff for the sake of stuff).

We layer pattern and color to evoke a feeling of nostalgia and of joy.

We believe every day items should be beautiful and purposeful. 

We know you want that joy, sophistication, and beauty in your life too!