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Bari J. free downloadable calendarYou may or may not know my story... about how I started designing fabric and art for products. I've told it many times, really. But more or less? I decided I was going to. And I had no bloody idea how that was going to happen. Truth. I decided I was going to do it, and moreover, I said out loud that I was going to do it in a blog post way back in 2008.

This year, I'm embarking on a new goal... a dream I've also had for a long time. Last month I told newsletter subscribers that I intend to write and sell to a publisher a book about my signature style, Curated Maximalism. I do have somewhat of an idea how I'll do it this time around, but it's not like I sit around writing design books all the time or anything. I just know for a fact that I can do it. I know what it will look like, and I am confident I can do it. However, saying it aloud? That forces the issue.

If you get my newsletter, you know that I've been asking folks to share their dreams for 2017. I truly believe that stating your intentions in some public way will help you get to your goals. That could be because if you've said it, now you HAVE to do it... and it could just be the way the world works... say what you want, and somehow that thing will come to you. It's not magic though. It's setting intentions.

That said, I hope you will play along over on Instagram. Tell us what your dream is with a photo and tag it #dreamsomethingbeautiful17. I (and the other participating) will be there for you and encourage you along the way. Keep posting and tagging with your progress and updates!

Make this the year you do that thing you've been dreaming of!

To get the Bari J. monthly calendars and free screensavers as well, subscribe here.

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