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Snake Art? Yes, please!

Snake Art? Yes, please!

Of late, I've been working on a collection that is deeply significant to me. I'm calling it Fierce Females.

Bari J. Floral Snake. Fierce Females CollectionIt started about a month ago when I decided to paint an animal that I fear... a rattlesnake. I painted the silhouette and then filled her with purple peonies. I continued with two more snakes, and now two cheetahs as well.

Bari J. Floral Snakes - Fierce Females Collection


The animals represent the power and beauty of the female and illustrate life, birth, renewal and strength.

Painting the somewhat frightening animals in florals reminded me of the power I possess as a woman and a mother and as a protector of the people and planet I love.

This collection is an ode to women and to Mother Earth herself. More animals are being painted as we speak!

Bari J. floral leopard cheetah - fierce females collection

Bari J Cheetah Leopard - Fierce Females Collection

Snake prints are now available. Cheetahs to follow!

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