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Five Tips to Easily Update Your Decor

Five Tips to Easily Update Your Decor

Five Tips For Easily Updating Your DecorDecorating to me is a creative outlet. And once I decorate a room and love it, I often get bored and decide I want to change it. That can get pretty pricey if you're not careful. So, over the years I've looked for ways to manage my Maximalist Moodiness. Here are my five top suggestions for easily changing out your decor:

1. Start with a neutral palette. I like to keep most of my walls white except for a few feature walls throughout the house. I keep patterned walls to places where they can be the focal point: bedrooms, bathrooms etc. Because I like to change the main room of our home so much, that's not the place I invest time or money on wallpapers etc.

2. Pick classic neutral furniture. Your large pieces are the big investments. That's why I like to go with white or neutral leather and pretty classic shapes. I also like slipcovered furniture for the same reason. Small chairs are great places to go a little crazy with the color and pattern as long as you are aware you might decide to move on from that look and can live with that decision.

3. If possible, start with hard tile or wood flooring and layer on top of it. You can even layer area rugs on top of neutral carpet if you can't change your flooring. Luckily these days there are pretty inexpensive rug solutions. And that's a good thing, because, indeed I do love a statement rug. I do get concerned about waste in landfills. Over the span of our 23 year marriage, I've only tossed one or two rugs... and I've given a few away. I DO rotate rugs around however. Maybe today the hot pink rug will go in the Living Room (I just ordered the one from Joss and Main pictured here), and maybe in a year I'll drag it into the bedroom. That's the great thing about starting with neutral palettes... accessory rotation is easy.

4. If you can, sew your own pillows and throws (or knit/crochet). Textiles are the number one thing I change out often. Being that I design fabric, it's obviously easier for me to do, but truly textiles are the easiest and least expensive way to change up decor. I also have a mom and sisters who love that I do this often, because that means they end up with some barely used pillows and such.

5. Get down pillow inserts on the cheap by going to places like Home Goods. Here's the secret... some of the ugly pillows at Home Goods have nice heavy down inserts. If you can find some that are the same size etc, buy that ugly pillow and remove/replace the cover with something fantastic of your own making. (Note: Be sure to check that there's an opening on the pillow cover you purchase... you don't want to accidentally grab one that doesn't have a form inside but is stuffed.) Now. If you do not know how to sew... I'm just gonna say it... learn. Come on, I know you can do it! Pillows are the easiest thing on the planet to make next to placemats and napkins. And there are tutorials out the ying yang on this fine internet of ours. Also, for pillow making you can use an inexpensive new or used sewing machine. So, there's really no excuse for not making your own. Don't get huffy with me. I promise. It takes very little skill and effort.

Sources and Credits:

Hot pink rug: Joss and Main

Pouf: World Market

Pillows: Urban Outfitters (dude. Make these)

Fabrics: Bari J. Sage fabrics for Art Gallery Fabrics

Sofa and Chair: Restoration Hardware

Afghan: Anthropologie (I can't crochet. Truth. But maybe you can? I CAN make a mean quilt however.)

Bee Hive Fireplace: From the home of Aedriel Moxley 

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1 comment

  • Julie Spear

    Great advice, all of it!! I 100% agree with you on the sewing… WHY are people scared? SO easy, SEW very easy! Anyone CAN do it! Meanwhile i cant crochet either…but thats on the list for this year!! I have some books and some tutorials bookmarked already! And lastly, I WANT, WANT your Bouquet pillow SO SO much, bcuz I cannot make THAT gorgeousness either… but it would look so good with MY hot pink rug!
    Yours truly,
    A Fellow Maximalist. ;-)

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