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Four Reasons You Need Bari J. Fabric Napkin Sets

Four Reasons You Need Bari J. Fabric Napkin Sets

We are so happy to introduce our new Limited Edition Fabric Dinner Napkin Sets. Here are four reasons you absolutely need to use them!
1. We've already mixed and matched the patterns for you so you don't have to wonder, "do these go together?". Yes, sir and ma'am they do. We don't do "match" at Bari J. We do "Coordinate".
2. Using fabric napkins is kind to Mother Earth. It saves trees and eliminates paper waste. Be eco-conscious.
3. We believe strongly in every day beauty. When you set the table with fabric napkins, you elevate your every day dining experience. That adds joy to your life, and everyone needs a little joy!
4. Our napkins are 100% cotton and easy to care for. Simply machine wash and dry or hang dry. Finger press or iron.
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