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How to Customize a Store-Bought Throw Pillow

How to Customize a Store-Bought Throw Pillow

pillow with tasselsWe all want our decor to have personality and reflect who we are. We want custom decor! One way I love to embellish a plain (or not so plain in this case) pillow is to add tassels! This is super easy to do and takes very little time. And it adds such a sweet little punch to an accent pillow.

This video below shows you exactly how to make and add tassels to your pillows.

What You Need

  • •a ball of yarn
  • an index card
  • scissors
  • a doll makers or upholstery needle

How to make a tassel

  • wrap yarn around your index card 40-50 times
  • tie a 12" piece to the top to sew onto the pillow
  • cut the yarn off the card
  • tie the tassel near the top in a bundle

How to attach the tassel to your pillow

  • thread both ends of the tassel tie to through your upholstery needle
  • from the outside of the pillow corner, thread the yarn through the corner to the inside
  • knot the thread several times to keep the tassel in place

 Be sure to watch the video and subscribe to my newly reinvigorated YouTube Channel!


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