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The Seven Elements You Need to Style a Credenza

The Seven Elements You Need to Style a Credenza

When I decorate, I often don't know what exactly it is that makes it pleasing to my eye, so I have made it a habit to step back and analyze what I've done. When it comes to styling credenzas, buffets, dressers, side boards and other long pieces of furniture, I've reduced my decor decisions to seven basic elements. (See the video at the end of this post for more!)

carved credenza sideboard gold vintage mirror

The seven things that are key to styling a credenza

1. Layers
2. Like objects
3. Varied heights of objects
4. A variety of textures
5. Balance of scale
6. Something natural
7. A pop of color (in my opinion, something floral, naturally!)
So, let's analyze this in looking at this recent photo of a credenza in my living room.
This piece is carved wood from India that I purchased at local shop, Tierra Del Lagarto. Tierra has all of the best pieces from around the world that you need for a gorgeous bohemian look.


Layers add interest to a room. In this design, I've layered a mirror with a piece of art. I've also layered by stacking a vase on top of a couple books. And you also see some beads randomly layered on top of the piece itself.

Like Objects

vintage bird statue and vase

Like objects help to create cohesion. Here you see a gold mirror with a gold frame. Two objects that include a similar bird motif, a planter, a candle stick and a vase of similar color. There are also green beads with a green bottle, and the plant is green as well. In addition, the intricate carving of the mirror and the credenza tie back to each other.

Varied Heights of Objects

how to style a credenza

I used the extra large mirror to anchor this whole design because the ceiling is very high in this room. I then added a large planter and a large candle stick to give balance to the height of the mirror. The rest of the pieces vary in height. I used the stack of books to lift the vase so it was higher than the other bird statue. Things like books, a cake plate or even an upside down pot can lift items that you love so that you can vary a design.

A Variety of Textures

There's so much texture in the credenza, the mirror, the planter and even the candle stick, that the look needs a little something smooth. The glass of the mirror and the shine of the mirror and art frame add that little bit of shine that's needed.

Balance of Scale

With a large mirror, the large planter was needed for balance. On the other side, I didn't want to match that height exactly, so I used a tall candle stick and a tall bottle.

Something Natural

The plant and the wood credenza are my natural elements in this design. I love a bit of life around my house. So, there's lots of plants.

A Pop of Color

Of course, the color I choose mostly comes from florals... because ... well... flowers! The art print here, "When the Mood Strikes" adds just the punch I love. I prefer even the most neutral of designs to have at least a tiny bit of color. Other subtle color elements here include the books (I stuck with green), the green beads, the plant and the bottle. Even the birds have a tiny bit of color. In using similar hues of color, I also created cohesion in the design.

floral art by Bari J

shop bari j


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