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IKEA Studio Space Hack

IKEA Studio Space Hack

IKEA Studio Space Fabric Storage Hack

Before I left for quilt market, I had a serious problem. This room looked like a fabric factory exploded in it. The issue was all of these fabric rolls. With nine Art Gallery Fabrics collections, the stash was growing. Naturally, much of the fabric is given away to bloggers to sew with etc. But I keep a fair amount to sew with myself, and frankly for my great great grandkids to know what their great great grandmother did. You can see which lines are dwindling down the ends here! 

For years, I kept the rolls in large white metal IKEA garbage cans. But when there were four cans taking up floor space, and a new line arrived, I ended up with 20 rolls of fabric sitting in the front hall. Not to mention, I had rolls of fabric stuffed betwix and between furniture in this room and in the front hall closet, making access nearly impossible.

I took to Pinterest (see my pinboard here) to figure out how to handle the problem on Saturday. And, by the end of the night yesterday, this solution was finished and in place in the studio. I must add that my IKEA stop was 20 minutes in and out and the joint was CROWDED. Seriously, I've NAILED my IKEA game. Hint: Know exactly what you want, do NOT go upstairs into "the maze". Go directly to the computers by the bin aisles downstairs and find the bin locations. Load your cart, check out and get the heck out of dodge.

Here's how we made this table: 

1. 3 Kallax shelving units placed on their sides all in a row. (item 501.784.82) 

2. 2 Gerton table tops side by side. (item 401.962.4) We ended up placing the table tops going horizontally across the room with the "cubbies" facing out simply based on the shape of the room, and the fact we wanted the cubbies facing the door. But the table tops could really be placed on top in either direction. 

The whole unit measures 59" x 61". It's a big table and takes up a lot of floor space, but not as much as those darn cans which were blocking access to the door to the bathroom and the fabric cabinet and shelves on the other side of the room. I literally could not get to the knits without serious effort and moving a million things. Now I can USE them! I'm SO happy to finally have this problem under control, and I feel like with some purging (read: look for giveaways soon!), I'll have the storage solution for my next several lines under control as well.

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