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indigo and aster fabric tour - day 2

indigo and aster fabric tour - day 2

Welcome back for day 2 of the Indigo and Aster fabric tour!  9 very talented creators are demonstrating how this fabric works for kids, adults, and your home too!.

Indigo and Aster fabric tour day 2 - Skirt Fixation

Skirt Fixation for Bari J.'s Indigo and Aster fabric tour

Today's stop on the tour is two stops at one blog!  First up, I'm sharing the garments I sewed for 2 of my daughters using Indigo and Aster fabric.   You can see 3 of the fabrics I used in this photo, but there's more garments, fabric and even a few more goat photos over at Skirt Fixation, so I'll see you there.

Pendant banner tutorial

 The second post I have for you is a tutorial on how to create this pendant banner with Indigo and Aster fabrics.  It's quite simple, and the instructions include an option for no-sewing-required version.  There's also a free cut file so that if you have a cutting machine, it can cut out all those pendants for you.  You can find that tutorial here over at Skirt Fixation.

Now if you're ready to create with Indigo and Aster fabric yourself, here's where you can find it in stores.

If you missed Day 1 of the tour, you can catch up here.

Come back tomorrow for more Indigo and Aster goodness!

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