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LA Style in a Small Studio Apartment

LA Style in a Small Studio Apartment

Studio Apartment In LA

We have made it to Charlotte, NC where we are fixing up our new home. But right before we moved to here last month, I headed out to LA to visit with my daughter, Emily (23) to help her style out her new studio apartment sponsored by my favorite furniture company, Joybird. We had several goals in mind for this small space.

LA Studio Apartment

1. We wanted the space to reflect Emily's "chill vibe". (My words, not hers.) Emily is very stylish and works in Costume for TV and film. The apartment reflects not just her personality but hints at what she does for a living as well.

2. Enough seating for Emily's friends to gather in her apartment comfortably.

3. A spot for storage and television.

4. Somewhere for overnight guests to sleep.

Enter, Joybird. They pulled out all the stops here to make a great first solo apartment for my girl!

Here are the gorgeous pieces we chose:

The Briar sleeper sectional in Royale Evergreen creates plenty of space for Emily and her friends to hang out, AND a place for me to sleep when I visit. Ok and other people. But it's really for me. ;)

For a coffee table she chose to use a storage ottoman, Quinn Large Storage Ottoman in Tussah Snow. This versatile piece gave her somewhere to store blankets and pillows for guests. She put a tray on top for drinks and decor.

For entertainment storage we picked out the Vira Media Console in Oak. It looks so lovely in her space and gives a touch of light color in the dark room.

Studio Apartment in LA

The rug is The Eloise. I love a touch of black and white in a room to ground the space and again, this lightened up the floor and gave contrast as well.

And for a lamp we added the modern look of the Quincy Floor lamp. It was also a space saver as there was not extra room for a big side table to hold a lamp.

As for art, Emily chose a few prints that reflect living in LA and working in Hollywood from Society 6 and we inexpensively framed them with Target poster frames.




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