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One Room Challenge - Week Three - Modern Maximalist Master Bedroom

One Room Challenge - Week Three - Modern Maximalist Master Bedroom

 It's week three of the One Room Challenge. Again, a HUGE thank you to Linda from Calling it Home for putting this fabulous event together twice a year. And another thank you to Better Homes and Gardens, the media sponsor of the event. For more information on the event, click here.

This room has been so much fun to put together. It's the first time, after 25 years of marriage, that I have designed our master suite intentionally. As mentioned before, everything in the room previously was hand me downs and things that just ended up in the room by default. I made efforts at decorating around the things I didn't choose myself, and it looked good, but didn't necessarily reflect us.

I need to give a huge shout out to Super Husband. Kevin, you are the sun, the moon and the stars. That you let me get creative with everything we do and don't give me too much guff about the fact that that wallpaper is like, NEVER going to come down... well, I'd marry you again every day! THANK YOU!

What we got done this week

• Wood for the floating night stands was sourced and purchased, and plans finalized. They will be similar in feel to this room by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Mandy Moore. Our shelves will go from the bed to the wall on each side to extend the surface space. Each is 40" long x 16" deep x 2.5" thick. We purchased cherry wood boards for the project, and luckily the husband is incredible at building most anything. Side note: the original inspiration for the room came from this photo, but as I told a friend of mine, "This. On steroids". Because color, for me, is everything. Most of the finishes in the room I'm doing have a bit more detail while this room is beautiful but definitely more minimal. I totally love Sarah's style.

Mandy Moore master bedroom by Sarah Sherman Samuel

• Curtains are up, and I'm super in love with them. They feature a fabric from my Bloomsbury collection for Art Gallery Fabrics, and were made using IKEA curtains which were lined and embellished with the fabric detail. I always use higher end hardware to make curtains more posh. High - low, high - low is how I roll when it comes to decorating. Not everything has to be high end, to create a lux room, but a few details helps! I recommend getting rods that are long and trimming with a pipe cutter if needed rather than rods that have a seam. The seam always catches the rings and that ends up bugging me.

Bari J. Modern Maximalist Master Bedroom

• I made the cover for the bench yesterday, and I'm waiting on staples to arrive from Amazon to finish ... because God forbid I leave the house and go to Home Depot. #hermit Also, I asked the hub to pick them up the other day and he said he actually had them. Nope.

• I purchased a faux cow hide rug for by the bench to give that space a bit of a cozy feel.

• Yesterday I DID leave the house and go to Tierra Del Lagarto in search of a mirror. I just KNEW they'd have the perfect piece. I wanted a mirror to add light and a shiny texture to the room. I originally thought I wanted a full length mirror that was a bit modern as the room is very modern. But after more thought I felt that more modern pieces would make the room too cold. What it really needed was a contrasting style and some wood to warm things up a bit. This piece is carved with florals (bonus!) and a lovely wood tone. I truly believe that mixing styles, contrasting colors and patterns is what makes a room have that wonderful, collected and curated look I'm always after. I don't want my spaces to feel too "themey" or "put together". I want them to feel natural. That's why I do not stick to a style ever... or put a real name to my own style, other than to say I'm a bit of a Maximalist. I often feel like rooms can end up looking a bit Disney-esque or like a theme restaurant when we force ourselves into a particular look.

Bari J. Master Bedroom

• Today is the MOST exciting day of this whole makeover. The wallpaper installer was here putting up the wallpaper I designed for the ceiling. I'm freaking out excited about it! Now, the installer, Patrick, did tell me that I might "learn a few new words" today as he installs the paper. That cove ceiling is a bit of a bitch. The bump out hides ambiance lighting and is about two feet deep and gives just a foot of clearance to get back there with the paper. AKA, it's costing just about as much to hang as the wallpaper itself cost. Oops. Didn't take that into account in the budget. See below for a photo illustrating why my wallpaper installer hates me. (Insert cringe emoji). Scroll further for the finished look!

Bari J. wallpaper

wallpaper being installed

Bari J. wallpaper ceiling

Bari J. Master Bedroom Makeover with Wallpapered ceiling

• The ceiling fan was removed and donated to Habitat for Humanity (a charity I highly recommend). While I was at it, they got a chair, two coffee tables and a dresser as well. 

• I found a wall hanging from Anthropologie for the TV wall as I felt that area needed something. I always like a nice geometric something something to contrast my florals. It's paper, and I'm not sure how I'm hanging it, so I'm also looking for other options. But I'm thinking I can put it on a piece of wood to make it look more finished possibly. I also found a metal wallhanging that I'm planning on putting somewhere in the room.

Anthropologie wallhanging


What is left to do

1. Sew pillow cases.

2. Finish recovering the bench.

3. Build the nightstands, finish and install. (This project is likely to take the next few weeks. Hot tip: Have Home Depot cut your wood to size. We bought everything already cut down to the exact measurements so that Kevin just has to build and not cut it all.)

4. The credenza should be finished this week and delivered. I'll be double checking on that.

5. Install chandelier

6. Hang art and wall hangings.

7. If we have time, and IF I can get the husband to do it, I'd like to change every outlet and light switch in the room to screw-less plates in white.

8. Buy plant and planter for corner with bench.

9. Style and take photos!

Where to get the items in this room

 Bed: Camille by Joybird.

 Art over bed: Willa Heart from Chairish

• Rug: Sarah Sherman Samuels for Lulu and Georgia

• Wallpaper: Coming soon to Bari J.

• Wallhanging, Anthropologie

Mirror, Tierra Del Lagarto

Pink Tassel Throw, Kip and Co.

Fabric on curtains, Bari J. (on

Curtain hardware, Drapery Rods Direct

Quilt and shams, Anthropologie by Coyuchi

( A few of the pieces in this room are sponsored such as the gorgeous Camille bed from Joybird. As always, I only promote products I truly love and want.)


One Room Challenge Guest Participant

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  • Shelly@ConfettiStyle

    Bari, That wall paper is amazing and looks so great on your ceiling. Combined with your bed and your run is turning into a design showcase. Looking forward to the final reveal.

  • Crystal Ortiz

    Fabulous so far!! I love your bed choice, and OMG the ceiling!!! Amazing piece of art you get to look at every morning and night! Great job so far with your ORC transformation – I’m also doing my own Master Bedroom. :)

  • Jessica | House Homemade

    It already looks so amazing and then obviously THAT WALLPAPER IS THE BEST!! You’re great!

  • Ginny

    This is truly a stunning space, Bari! I love the paper on the ceiling, gorgeous!

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