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Refining Spaces

Refining Spaces

After many months of prepping rooms for the big book photoshoot, I had accumulated a lot of STUFF. Accessories galore, pillows out the ying yang, paintings, textiles, wallpapers... the list goes on. 

Then the four days of the photoshoot turned this house upside down and all of the bits and pieces were everywhere.

Girl, that's enough to turn a maximalist into a minimalist. 

Just kidding. As I've always said, maximalism isn't about STUFF. For me, it's all about color and pattern, and I will never be a minimalist. But right now, I'm simply giving myself space to breathe. Sometimes we just need to have nothingness in order to know what it is we want a space to be... what will make us feel peaceful and happy.

In an exercise meant to learn more about what I want (and don't want) I cleared the living room of all excess accessories and I'm starting with a blank(ish) slate. I feel change in the air. Refining and redefining is coming.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by your spaces?

Bari J. fireplace, tile, Spanish tiles, tabarka studio


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