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The Joy of Joybird

The Joy of Joybird

Joybird Elliot Reversible Sectional Bari J. HomeFor quite some time, we'd been hating on our sofa. Not that it wasn't a nice sofa. It was a super well built leather piece. Howwwwwwever... it was massively uncomfortable and way too big for the space. We ordered the largest depth they had and we looked like toddlers sitting on the sofa with our legs up. Also, every time guests came over we found ourselves rushing to shove pillows behind them before they fell over while sitting down. Worst, my mother complained bitterly about it every time she was over. But that's another story for another day.

Enter Joybird. I had been eyeing their Elliot Reversible Sectional for some time. And had all of their swatches for at least a year. I was in love with the Blush Royale fabric. It's a velvety pale peachy pink and rated for kids and pets. So when Joybird offered to send me one, I was well... overjoyed. 

I was slightly hesitant because of course I've never sat on one. However, if you are ordering from them, they have an incredible return policy that makes it much less scary.

My other concern ... pink. The hub had rolled his eyes about it when I showed him the swatch. Naturally, I took that as acceptance and went for it. The other thing I was nervous about was I didn't want to get rid of our very expensive not comfortable sofa until I knew 100% we loved the Joybird piece. So it was a logistics issue for me. But it all worked out swimmingly!

Joy Bird Elliot Sectional Bari J. HomeI am not in the slightest disappointed. First, it's very comfortable. Second, it honestly looks like a piece of art in our living room. So very much better than the heavy leather we had in there before. And third, I've already easily wiped dog goo (she likes to rub on all the furniture, much to my chagrin) off of it. Fourth, even Super Husband likes it. He's apparently ignoring the color or deciding that it's "bisque" or "shrimp". No matter, he LOVES the chaise part of it, that is for sure.

Plus? Check it out with my Bari J. for Loloi Rug. That peachy pink is the exact peachy pink in the rug. I can't be happier.

Joybird Reversible Elliot Sofa. Bari J. Home

And the kicker... two extremely tall people bought the old sofa from us off Craigs List. The two of us shorties looked at each other when they left and said... oh that sofa is definitely for them, not us. 

I added a new coffee table as well which I got at Tierra Del Lagarto here in Scottsdale, Arizona. The owner, Meg, is a gem! She knew exactly what to put with the sofa when she first saw the photo on Instagram. The coffee table is made of gorgeous cream and white Moroccan tiles.

Tierra De lagarto coffee table moroccan tile Bari j home

I feel lighter and brighter and much happier when I look at this room now!

Thank you for sponsoring this post, Joybird!

Here's a before shot for the record. It's good, but now it's much better!

Bari J. Living Room


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  • Lydia

    Where is your rug from?!

  • mauri

    Ha! Reading this was waaaay too funny for me because my husband and I bought the exact same sofa you just sold (the longest largest leather sofa ever known to man). When we first sat in the couch we felt EXACTLY like you described- two kids sitting in adult chairs with our legs sticking straight out in front of us! It was comical! We pondered if we should use the darn thing as a family bed, it was so large. In the end, we sent the sofa back and replaced it with the not-quite-so-deep option…. which has been perfect for us… though we are admittedly still shoving throw pillows behind guests when they come!
    All this to say, your new couch is gorgeous. And most importantly, it looks incredibly comfortable! ;)

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