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Why You Should Do A 100 Day Project Now

Why You Should Do A 100 Day Project Now

Bari J. 100 day project #100daysofbirdsandcritters

Some time back late last year, I started on a journey to paint 100 pieces of art. I called it #100daysofBirdsandCritters and I started posting to Instagram

So... ummmm ... yeah. so... that could take 100 weeks!

Whatever. 100 days. 100 weeks. Who's counting?

But I figure My Game My Rules. I get to do it in as long a period of time as I want... here's the catch... I can take as long as I want, as long as I eventually get it done.

I think I'm up to 30 or so critters and birds. Yeah. I totally should have been numbering them. Didn't. Word to the wise: number your days.

In the end, despite my lack of every-single-day-ness, I've gained so much from doing this. It doesn't really what you commit to doing... a gratitude journal, yoga, or art... as long as you do it. 

Here are my top four reasons for doing a project whether it's for 100 days or 20 days or a week:

1. Committing to do something no matter how long it takes, and then doing it plain old makes you feel like a rock star.

2. Doing something over and over and over again will eventually make you crazy good at it.

3. For me, my project was creating art pieces ... I ended up using a lot of those art pieces in my most recent fabric line, Joie de Vivre. And, I am selling prints of favorites of the pieces as well. Two birds. One stone. (Yikes. That's a terrible saying, especially since birds are my subject... but you catch my drift.)

4. It gives you something fun to post on Instagram that people like to engage with and follow ... Take videos of your process for bonus points!

5. If you do anything for consecutive days, it helps create a habit. Despite the fact that I didn't do this 100 days in a row, I did do many days in a row. And, I now find it easy to get out the paint and just create without thinking too much or spending time judging the work. I just do it.

So there you go! Get started and do something wonderful for yourself! 



PS to view the project on Instagram follow me there! Or search #100daysofbirdsandcritters

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