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Find Your Inner Maximalist with Wallpaper and Murals

Find Your Inner Maximalist with Wallpaper and Murals

By now, you know about my love affair with color and pattern, and that is why I've painted most of the walls in our house a bright white. That might seem counterintuitive, but there's a method to my madness. I figure that if most of the space is white, I can do as I please on a wall or two here and there and go wild with textiles and rugs. That's part of what I mean when I say "Curated Maximalism". It's not all the stuff all the time, but rather where it will create the most impact. There are two walls in the house that are painted a dark navy blue (pretty neutral but it adds a pop). The nice thing about wallpaper and murals these days, is most brands have a peel and stick option... that means when you go to sell your house and your realtor says, "ummm, well, you know, home buyers like neutral," you can just peel off the wallpaper. And if you have commitment issues, it's no big deal either. I, of course, encourage you to go for it either way. Wallpapers and murals can add so much personality and fun to a space. Below are , as well as some wonderful rooms I found on Pinterest.
In my studio this weekend, we put up this mural which is actually a blow up of one of my earlier paintings from Murals Your Way.
Bari J. mural for Murals Your Way
Bari J. Mural for Murals Your Way
Garden at Midnight Mural by Bari J. for Murals Your Way
In this room by Classy Clutter, they used another Bari J. mural for Murals Your Way to add drama to a wall of this office in a converted garage space. I'm in love with how all of the colors work together in this room. And, as always, leopard print goes with absolutely everything.
Bari J. For Murals Your Wall via Classy Clutter
Bari J. Fox in the Garden Mural for Murals Your Way
I'm absolutely in love with these spaces that I found on Pinterest as well. You can find links to all of them here. You'll notice in many of these spaces, the color and pattern is again against bright white. 
Maximalist Walls
Maximalist WallpaperMaximalist Wallpaper
I LOVE this use of wallpaper on the ceiling. And the color pop in the hallway leading to a bright white room with a little more pattern and color going on ... le sigh! 
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