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What to Sew for Your Kids Now!

What to Sew for Your Kids Now!

What to Sew for Your Kids Now!Hi! This is Abbey and Laurel and we are going to be taking over Bari's blog for a few posts to show some of our favorite makes with "Joie de Vivre" and "Sage" fabric collections. First of all some quick introductions. We are both SAHMs who are obsessed with sewing adorable clothes for our littles (Abbey has 4 and Laurel has 2). We love using the best fabric with the amazing designs for our sewing which is why we love Art Gallery Fabric and Bari's collections. You can find Laurel on instagram @sewingchrysanthemum and Abbey @abbeymbutton 

For this blog post we are going to be featuring Yuma Lemons Mist in Knit from Bari's "Sage" collection.

Lemon season in Arizona is December through April so this fabric was perfectly timed for these lemonade loving girls. Bari did an amazing job designing this fabric to convey the essence of lemon season in Arizona. This fabric just screams lemonade stand but since we didn't have one of those we used the next best thing for our background-a lemon tree. Funny story about this tree, even though Arizona has tons of lemon trees not many by us are small enough to serve as a good background. When I (Laurel) saw this tree I knew it would be perfect, the only problem was it belonged to a perfect stranger. Luckily when asked that stranger agreed to let us take pictures in his yard. I mean who could say no to two adorable girls dressed in lemon fabric?!?

Art Gallery knit is so amazingly soft and a dream to wear when sewn up so to say these girls love their skirts is an understatement! Being moms with littles having patterns that are quick sew is a must! That's why we love the Take 5 pattern from Little Lizard King. It literally takes longer to cut then it does to sew especially if you don't hem (which is one of the best parts of sewing with knits)!

The other pattern used is Little Lizard King's Perfect 10 shirt. This shirt has many adorable options, has a fantastic fit and was perfect for including some of the Yuma Lemons Mist for some pops of color.

Lemon embroidery file can be found here.

We really appreciate Bari for letting us take over her blog and hope you enjoy this fabric as much as we do!

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