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Charming Boho Wall Hanging with Indigo and Aster Fabrics!

Charming Boho Wall Hanging with Indigo and Aster Fabrics!

Bari J. wall hanging Indigo and AsterIndigo and Aster is my latest fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics and it is now in stores! The lookbook will be releasing shortly, but I created a few things that I thought I'd give you instructions on how to make now! I love this collection for it's electic ability to fall in the "kids" category as well as "sophisticated" and adult.

Bari J. boho wall hanging using Indigo and Aster fabrics by Bari J. for Art Gallery Fabrics

This first project is a wall hanging that is super easy to create. I simply cut a piece approximately 18 x 36", sandwiched it on top of batting and a backing piece of fabric. I quilted it, and then used my friend, Cristy Fincher's directions on how to face a quilt to finish the edges. It's super easy!

After that I used my friend, Betz's Llama Llooma to create tassels. Then I looped yarn on one of these rings that I got on Amazon and attached the whole thing to a branch I picked up in our yard.

Voila! That's it! Keep your eyes peeled for more projects soon as well as the lookbook!

​ ​​*​Here are a few direct links to the Indigo & Aster fabrics available for purchase --  including the one I used for this project. 
Art Gallery Indigo & Aster La Floraison Lit Fabric Bari J. Ackerman Art Gallery Indigo & Aster La Floraison Dim Fabric Boho bonheur fresh green fabric indigo and aster Art Gallery Indigo & Aster Animalia Exotica Oasis Fabric



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