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Anthologie - a boho patchwork quilt - Pattern 13:  Adding Boho Touches

Anthologie - a boho patchwork quilt - Pattern 13: Adding Boho Touches

Bari J. Quilt along

This is it! The last bit of the quilt-along! Thank you so much to Melanie for creating this quilt and teaching so beautifully! Thank you to all of you for playing along as well!

Again, be sure to tag us both on Instagram and tag #barijquiltalong so we can see and feature your creations!!



PS  Below are a few of the fabrics used in this quilt with links to purchase.

Art Gallery Wild Bloom Corsage Charm Pink Fabric Art Gallery Wild Bloom by Bari J Magnolia Study Fresh Mint Fabric

Art Gallery Millie Fleur by Bari J Bees & Bits Spring Fabric

I cannot believe we are at the end of this journey.  We started in October of last year!  If you have made it this far give yourself a big squeezy self hug.  You are awesome!

I have enjoyed making this quilt with you.  I cannot say that enough!  It's been the best!

If you are just beginning your quilt journey with Anthologie quilt you can find all the patterns and every post right here.

Let's get to the nitty gritty, or should I say boho touches!

The pattern you were given last week had the details for your backing, batting and batting dimensions.  Visit this page if you missed those details.

Let's talk about the backing

Let me just tell you what I did for my backing.  I used two different fabrics, a floral and a solid.  I prefer scrappy backs, so that I don't have to worry about lining up prints correctly.

If you've never made a quilt back before, cut two pieces of fabric 71" long by width of fabric and sew them together on the long side.  That should up being almost a perfect size backing for our quilt.

Be aware though that if you are using directional prints, they'll be turned on their side.

Let me just say that my favorite detail on my quilt is by far the crochet lace added to my binding.  I could gush all day!  I won't bore you, but GAH!  It's love, I tell you!

I bought my lace from this shop.

It's added to the fold of the binding first.  Then, you machine sew the binding to the back of the quilt and then machine stitch to the front.  The stitch is hidden within the lace.

I detail the whole process in the video.

I'm still sighing and swooning over here!

I also detail in the video how to hand quilt, along with a lovely little bonus of bohemian hand quilting which ends up with all these lovely little ties in the midst of your quilting.

The video will also teach you how to tie a quilt.  I did this on several blocks, but also all around the Dresden plate section.  I love ties!

Remember to machine quilt first if you are machine quilting and then add your hand touches.

When you machine quilt, be sure that you pay extra special attention to the Floral Collage blocks.  All those edges MUST get quilted down or they will come off after you wash your quilt.

It's perfectly okay to have a little fray.  My quilt has a bunch of it.  Just make sure that your pieces are secure.

I'm very pleased to tell you that I did figure out a great way to add my tassels to my quilt and they washed up beautifully.  They did need a little combing, but all is well.  I think they are GORGEOUS!  I almost didn't add them and I'm so glad that I did.

Today's video details how to make tassels from embroidery floss and how to add them to your quilt.

A Little More

The video is long!  If you have never hand quilted before I think you will find it very helpful.  I'm showing you all my exact methods and everything I've added to my quilt to make it extra special.

Take your time.  Hand work is slow and that's okay.  Anything that takes you longer to make will be more meaningful to you and it's a great way to slow down and give your mind and body a rest.

Supplies I use in the video:

Thanks again for taking this journey with me!  I have had the best time with you.  I cannot wait to see your finished quilt.  We should definitely do this again sometime!  Hugs!



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  • Julie Spear

    Thank you both, Melanie and Bari for hosting this awesome quiltalong… I have had a blast and I am so grateful & happy that I happened to see this, and chose this for my VERY FIRST quilt!!! I have no idea why I did that, but I couldn’t be more GLAD that I DID!!!! I learned so much good stuff, skills that would have otherwise taken 5 – 6 different quilts to learn and I learned it all in this one quilt!!! Of course I made a couple of mistakes, but not many, because Melanie is such a patient and thorough teacher!!! and Bar’s fabrics and the other Art Gallery Fabrics I used are so scrumptious and feel amazing – they really DO make a difference! I am alllllmoooost finished, and I can’t wait to wrap myself up in all the boho-fabulousness of this awesome quilt!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  • Connie Herbert

    Thank you for taking us on such a wonderful adventure creating this quilt. I love your idea of adding the lacemto the binding and maynusenit when I get it back from the longarmer. I can’t wait to see how she enhances what I’m calling my Garden Delight.

  • Linda

    This has been one AMAZING quilt along! I can’t thank you both enough! I’ve learned a lot and am so sad to have this come to an end.

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