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Anthologie - a boho patchwork quilt - Pattern 12: Building Sections + a finished quilt top

Anthologie - a boho patchwork quilt - Pattern 12: Building Sections + a finished quilt top

Bari J. quilt along

You made it!

I'm so glad you quilted along with Melanie and me! Really Melanie did the whole thing, I just watched and approved of all the boho goodness. Truth. I want to give Melanie a HUGE thank you! You did such a great job and I'm so grateful. Just one post after this!

Don't forget, as always, to tag @barij and @southerncharmquilts and #barijquiltalong so we can see and share what you are up to!

Today is the rest of the quilt! You're almost finished!

Thanks again to all of you!



P.S. Here are some of the fabrics used in the Quiltalong.  Each of the photos are clickable to purchase.

Art Gallery Wild Bloom Corsage Charm Pink Fabric Art Gallery Wild Bloom by Bari J Magnolia Study Fresh Mint Fabric

Art Gallery Millie Fleur by Bari J Bees & Bits Spring Fabric


Hey sweet quilt makers!

Finished quilt tops always make me a little giddy and with such a cool quilt and the MOST GORGEOUS fabrics, I'm feeling like I'm floating a bit.

Not sure if you caught the video of my quilt flying in the wind, but go watch it in my highlights if you missed it.  It was fun!

Today we are building up our sections.  Once we have the sections built, we can start sewing the large sections together.

Our intention today is to learn the "proper" way to sew together large chunks of patchwork, but also to force on ourselves a little bit of liberation from those pesky seams.  Both of these lessons are in the video and not the PDF.

Let's talk about fabric

There is lots of room for fussy cutting today, especially if you have some larger fussy cuts you've been waiting to use.

I used:

  • Peacock Waltz from Bari's Petal and Plume collection once more in the large space to the right of the granny squares.
  • Still Life (the vases) were used in several of the large empty spaces.

Download the PDF pattern right here.

There is a minor correction to the Rectangle Stripe block in the PDF and even more detailed in the video.  My apologies for the oversight!

A Little More for Beginners

If you need a little bit more help than the PDF offers, please enjoy this video.  I walk you through every part of building your quilt top step by step.  This video also details the "proper" way to sew very long pieces together so that you don't end up stretching your fabric to the wrong size.  I also share a tip from a teacher from my early quilting days.  I hope you enjoy!

Tips for this week pattern:

  • When sewing long pieces together, first find your center of both pieces, pin the center and then pin the ends, this will help prevent distortion.
  • Always try to do right by your seams in small pieces and when you can, but "let go" a bit when the quilt gets bigger.
  • If you find that your pieces are the wrong size (correct size is included in the PDF), there are plenty of places for you to trim down without causing any disruption to your patchwork blocks (I include this tip, because it happened to me).

I cannot wait to see your finished quilt top.  Please share it using the #barijquiltalong.  Make sure to like and comment on your fellow quilter's quilts as well.  A little kindness goes a long way!

We have one more post to go!  The one where we discuss boho touches like hand quilting and ties and yummy quilty goodness.  I'll see you then!

Happy Sewing!  xo, Melanie

Special thanks to Kathy for testing this pattern.  She was truly instrumental in helping me get all these measurements accurate for you.


Disclaimer: the fabric links above are affiliate links to I make a small amount of money from your clicks and purchases by using these links.

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  • elizabeth Visser

    Anthologie – a boho patchwork quilt – Pattern 12: Building Sections + a finished quilt top

    Please can you help me, where can I find all the blocks in this mentioned quilt top. I want it in PDF format and will pay for the patterns. I am from South Africa and postage to this country is very poor.

    Warm regards


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