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Anthologie - a boho patchwork quilt - Pattern 10: Arrowheads

Anthologie - a boho patchwork quilt - Pattern 10: Arrowheads

Bari J. Quilt A long --- Arrowhead Block Modern Quilting

It's a fun week for the #BariJquiltalong with Southern Charm Quilts. Enjoy this fun tutorial by Melanie! Thank you for playing along, and don't forget to tag @barij, @southerncharmquilts and #barijquiltalong on Instagram. Also... So you know, Indigo and Aster just started arriving in stores this week. Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram because there's sure to be a giveaway soon!



Hello again, patchwork lovers!

Since the last pattern was a tedious one, we are going to have something nice, easy, maybe a little soothing, definitely quick.

So put away the stresses of your day, and let's get our patchwork sewing on!

As a reminder if you need to do some catching up or are just jumping in for the first time, you can find a round up of everything we have done so far right here.

Be sure to make it to the bottom of this post. We've got another giveaway for you!

Let's talk about fabrics

The Arrowheads block uses two different fabrics (feel free to use more).

For my block, I'm using (click the shops to be taken directly to the fabric):

I've chosen the low volume for my background again, just to be consistent.  I chose the teal because it seems to be the most reoccuring fabric on my quilt so far and I wanted to make sure I had it in each quadrant of the quilt.  Plus, it really pops with it being a tonal.

You can download your pattern for the Arrowheads right here.

And just in case you need it...

Here's the Arrowheads we are working on this round highlighted for you to see exactly where they go in your quilt on a coloring sheet.

A Little More for Beginners

If you need a little bit more help than the PDF offers, please enjoy this video.  There is a tiny flaw in this video.  Apparently, my incredible videoing skills (ha!) need some work.  There's a moment after I pin all my teal squares on my rectangles where I'm supposed to tell you to SEW on the drawn line.  This clip is missing and I try to voice over to fix it, but it just ends up a bit weird.  My apologies.

I've got a long way to go in making videos, I know.  Thanks for bearing with me!

Tips for this week's pattern:

  • Starch your fabrics before you cut them, particularly the fabric you choose for your squares.  This will make things easier for you to end up with perfect pieces (unlike me!).
  • It helps to lay out all your rectangles exactly how you want them to look in your finished block.  This insures that directional prints are in the correct position and triangles are placed in the proper corners.
  • Own your mistakes!  We all make them no matter how long we've been quilting.  As I've shown you in this video, sometimes I unpick to fix my little goofs and sometimes I even work with them.

Bonus! A Giveaway

This round The Warm Company (my personal favorite batting company) has sent me three packages of batting to give to three different winners.  So yeah!  This is a great giveaway to win.

There are two packages of  twin size batting (perfectly fitting to our Anthologie quilt, and one package of crib size batting (it won't fit this quilt, but I'm sure you've got a quilt to use it for).

To be eligible to win, all you have to do is post your progress on IG using the #barijquiltalong and tag @BariJ and me, @SouthernCharmQuilts.  You will also need to be following @theWarmCo.  We will randomly choose three winners next Monday.  You will need to have a public IG account so that we can see your posts.  This giveaway will be open only to US residents.

Don't forget to share your progress!  We love seeing what you are making.  Be sure to use the  #barijquiltalong tag.

We only have one more block pattern after this!  After that we build up our sections which is kinda a biggie and means a finished quilt top.  I'm so excited and I hope you are too!

Happy Sewing!  xo, Melanie

Special thanks to Kathy for testing this pattern.


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  • Bj

    Your color selections and fabrics are so beautiful… my favorites! Just a tip, if you will press your seams before you open them

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