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Cutting Fabric with The Cricut Maker Machine

Cutting Fabric with The Cricut Maker Machine

I have had the Cricut Maker sitting on my desk for some time. It's a cutting machine that cuts everything from fabric to vinyl, leather and even balsa wood. You can make shapes, cut out sewing patterns, letters and more. And to tell the truth, I was scared to use it and thus procrastinated. I had used another cutting machine brand and it was a total pain. The learning curve was way too high.

By the time I went ahead and used this machine, I was shocked to discover how completely easy it is. Painless.

Cricut Maker

For my first project did an initial on an embroidery hoop for my niece, Millie Rose. I used my Indigo and Aster collection for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Bari J. Embroidery Hoop Cricut Project

I simply made an "m" to cut out using the included Cricut Software. I put the rotary blade in and loaded the fabric on the sticky cutting mat that is also included for fabric, and hit the start button. I held my breath for the trouble I was sure it would be, but to my great surprise it was a total breeze! All of these steps are so easy! 

After I had the "m" cut out, I just put it on a piece of a fabric and sewed a blanket stitch around it on my Janome. Then I popped it into the hoop. Voila! Instant art for the wall!

The Top Six Reasons Every Fabric Lover Should Have a Cricut Maker

1. The Cricut Maker has a rotary cutting blade that perfectly cuts fabric. This is unlike any other cutting system.

2. It has bluetooth. So no wires to set the thing up.

3. Because it has blue tooth, you can also print from any of your devices.

4. The software is user friendly. 

5. The software helps you decide what blade to use and what cutting setting. It's all automatic. Unlike other machines, there's no guessing.

6. You can make anything from an appliqué like I did to bags and more. It cuts vinyl and even leather! 

Note: As always, I only post sponsored products I actually use and love. Cricut gifted me the Cricut Maker.

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  • Michele

    I love my Silhouette!! These machines are so much.

  • Mandy

    I want one so bad!

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