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Getting Ready to Renovate

Getting Ready to Renovate

Bari J. Home Scottsdale ArizonaMy husband and I have been back and forth over whether or not to renovate this house. It was a short sale. Thus, when we moved in, there was a lot of defered maintenance to take care of. We did a lot of that and made several aesthetic improvements over the last six years... We pulled out the old fireplace facade and retiled, the enormous entertainment center was pulled out and replaced with a sleek floating console, we've painted and replaced nasty carpet. The dining room had enormous mirrors which were removed and replaced with shelving and cabinets in the dining room were painted white. But with so much left to do (kitchen, bathrooms, yard, roof, windows) we wondered if we should cut and run or really go for it and fix the place up.

Since the reasons we bought the property are still sound reasons to invest in real estate (view, good schools, good bones and a cul-de-sac location), we have decided we are going to renovate. That means kitchen, baths and upgraded landscaping plus new windows and roof.

Here's how the kitchen looks right now:

Bari J. Kitchen before

Not hideous, but also not up to date. The house was built in 1996 which makes these cabinets and most appliances 22 years old this year. The doors no longer stay shut and hinges are broken and even a few of the drawer bottoms have dropped out recently. We did replace the back splash early on... it was the most hideous southwest tile you have ever seen.

So, where to start... well... I created a board on Pinterest the other day with inspiration of the direction I'd like to take. I'm thinking of mixing black and white cabinets with possibly some more colorful tile. While I decide, here are some incredibly inspiring kitchens that I've saved.

The following are from Devol Kitchens. I'm absolutely gah gah over this green one. If I could go full on Old World European I would. This is so gorgeous I could cry.

Green Tile Kitchen Colorful tile

Devol Kitchens

Would it totally freak you out if I did something like this? Because sigh...


Devol Kitchens

I for real gasped when I saw the following kitchen from Vogue (although I will not be going with green cabinets simply because of resale value):

green kitchen vogue magazine

That's all my inspiration for now. We can't wait to get started here!

I suspect there are a few trends in kitchens coming up... My thoughts are we will see a lot of colorful tile, mix and match cabinets and countertops and the open shelving trend will continue. I also am 100% sure granite is dated.

Tell me in the comments your thoughts on the latest kitchen trends. I'd love to know what you think! Also... if you have done big renovations... I'd love your advice!

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  • Kelly

    If you love be the green, which I do, I say do it and when it’s time to sell, spray the cabinets a neutral color.

  • Jennysbignest

    I’m so excited to see what direction you go. I hope you heavily document the process on IG! The details in that kitchen with green cabinetry is heart stopping. That wine hutch…

  • Megan

    That first inspiration pic with the green tile is outstanding! We are contemplating a kitchen remodel too. Our house was also a short sale and we have made it through fixing up everything from the yards to the roof and all bathrooms. Our kitchen is the last piece but the layout is so small and bad. I just don’t know how to make it work.

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