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On Blogging and Netflix

On Blogging and Netflix

Lost Dog Wash Scottsdale ArizonaBack in the early days of blogs I wrote a post nearly daily over here. But since the advent of Instagram, and maybe even earlier... when I started using Twitter... I stopped. People could reach me elsewhere. 

Since then, I haven't been sure what this platform should be. I've been stuck. Which is why I'm happy to have started the quilt along with Melanie of Southern Charm Quilts... hopefully it provides value to you.

I've been wracking my brain on what else I can offer here. I go through the same old reasons why not to blog... The main is, what do I have to offer that isn't already out there?

The only thing I can come up with is ME. I'm what I have to offer. Maybe someone else has written about it or done it, but I haven't. Therefore it hasn't been done my way, has it? 

What if we start thinking like that and stop comparing ourselves to all the noise on the internet and in social media? On that note... and I'm just thinking out loud here... what if I do what I used to do? Write about what happened in my day... the projects I'm doing, what I got up to all day. What I did on my winter vacation.

Truth? What I did on my winter vacation was watch a crap ton of Netflix. I binged The Crown, Happy Valley, and Broadchurch. There could be others but I don't remember. I was on a bender sans alcohol but including screens. It wasn't pretty, folks. But I HIGHLY recommend all three of those shows none the less.

If you are a big fan of historical drama, The Crown is where it's at. And if you like crime and murder mystery then Happy Valley and Broadchurch. All three of these are British, it's just occurred to me. I guess I'm having a little romance with England right now.

Aside from Netflix binging, I did do a little bit of painting so I'll give myself credit there. And I did go on one hike. Yesterday. New Year's day at dusk. I threw in a little bit of exercise for a curve ball. I also did two cycle classes. Go me.

Bari J. watercolor art

All that said, let's see what happens if I commit myself to writing a bit here a couple times a week. ( I almost said daily and then I laughed out loud... because, for real, Bari?)

Additionally, I have a couple questions for you. First off, do you blog? If not, did you used to blog? If you did, what made you stop? And if you DO blog... what do you blog about and how do you keep yourself motivated? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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  • Julie Spear

    p.s.thanks for the Netflix recommendations – watched Happy Valley while I was home sick w/flu, and loved it! I love the British tv series too… plus there were some of my favorite actors from Downton Abbey in Happy Valley- so fun to see them in current day roles!!! Broadchurch is next up!!!

  • Lesley Storts

    I blog – but not often. I also wonder about whether or not people want to read it – or read what I write. I might change up the way I do things. It is interesting that other social media platforms can capture your thoughts and pictures, but I’m not sure any of them do it quite like a blog. Keep Blogging! There are readers and I do think it is valuable.

  • Julie

    Happy New Year. I blog, probably 6-9 times a month, my life is definitely not interesting enough for every day. I blog about sewing, quilting, the garden, hiking cooking and book. Sometimes the odd trip too. I have only just recently joined IG, I like seeing the photos, but you don’t always get the thoughts or details behind them. I like to think of blogs as almost like reading a magazine article – pretty pictures,and interesting information and some personality with them. I love your use of colour in your home, your curated maximalism, your love of flowers, would be very much interested in extra details on these.

  • Bari

    Thanks you all! I’m going to give it a good go! XOXO

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