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How to paint a simple watercolor flower

How to paint a simple watercolor flower

watercolor flower how to by Bari J.After all these years of painting, I've finally decided it's time to teach a bit of what I've learned. In this video you'll find a little tutorial on how to paint a simple watercolor flower. Once you master this technique, you'll be able to create lovely little art pieces for your home. I love just popping them on a bulletin board as seen here or putting them in a simple frame. BTW, I've been uploading a lot of videos to YouTube lately! I hope you'll take a look.

what you'll need

• watercolor paper. I use Arches Aquarelle Hot press paper

• a #14 round brush

• watercolor paints of your choosing. I use Dr Ph Martins

• a watercolor palette

• a jar of water

• a rag or a paper towel

Watch this video to learn how I, as a self taught artist, paint a simple flower in watercolors!

watercolor art and bulletin board by Bari J.

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