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How to Set a Maximalist Summer Table

How to Set a Maximalist Summer Table

A happy maximalist look on your outdoor table is just a few steps away. Remember, maximalism, in my view, isn't about "stuff". It's about curating color and pattern to create a look that is filled with joy.

Here are the ingredients you need:

1. large scale printed fabric

2. one small scale printed fabric.

3. Colorful dishes

4. Plants and flowers

Maximalism is all about mixing and matching of layers. Here I used just two coordinating prints in different scales. And truth told, It's just several yards of fabric... I didn't even finish the edges. For the runner, I simply folded it over without even cutting. This allows me to have a fun setting that I can repurpose later... Maybe some pillows?

The table cloth itself is a cactus print. Notice the solid "negative" space? That allows the look some space to breathe. The napkins are a lovely ditzy floral. The prints used here are all from my desert inspired "Sage" fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics. I added a few pots of succulents and some bouganvillea for added color. The melamine plates pick up a color from the runner to coordinate.Bari J. Maximalist Summer Table

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