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Beautiful Sun Protection in the Desert from The Shade Store

Beautiful Sun Protection in the Desert from The Shade Store

This post is sponsored by one of my favorite vendors, The Shade Store. As always, I only promote products I love and truly believe in.

When you live in the desert, things like windows and window treatments are super important. The sun here is incredibly harsh, especially in summertime. It tears down fibers and furniture, fades colors and basically destroys everything if you don't protect your home.

Last year we replaced all of our windows which meant we needed all new window treatments, and nowhere more in our home than in the family room which has a wall of windows.

Motorized Sunbrella Shades from The Shade Store

I partnered with The Shade Store to get the job done right. The window treatments I had before we replaced the windows were from them, and I knew they have the best products. Customer service is also phenomenal so I definitely wanted to replace what we had (that no longer fit due to new windows) with new treatments from The Shade Store.

Sunbrella Shades from The Shade Store

Sunbrella Shades from The Shade Store

This time, I used their Sunbrella Solar Collection for top tier protection. I don't want our rugs and furniture fading. And cooling costs are unbelievable here. Cutting down on light in this room at the sunniest parts of the day is imperative. Sunbrella is known for their light and heat resistant fabrics. So I knew this was the best choice for us in the desert. Plus, the fabric itself is textured and beautiful!

Sunbrella Fabric from The Shade Store

I chose a very minimal treatment with flat white roller shades. As you know, I love color and pattern so the rest of the space is filled with it. This time, we got them motorized. With such large windows, this is a luxury I feel is worth splurging a little bit on. And truth told, it's not that much extra in the long run. Motorizing large windows makes the daily raising and lowering an absolute breeze, obviously! And the remote itself is designed so beautifully, we just hung it on the wall next to a light switch. And sometimes we just bring it over to the coffee table. You can choose to raise one window shade or raise them all with a touch of one button.

The Shade Store Remote Control for Motorized windows

Beauty, protection and convenience all in one. We couldn't be more pleased!

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