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Maximalist Art Studio in an Industrial Factory Space

Maximalist Art Studio in an Industrial Factory Space

This week some progress was made on my Dilworth Artisian Studio Space. I did this project as part of an event called The One Room Challenge. Because I'd like to use the space for creative gatherings plus as a photo studio as well as my art studio, I'm at a loss as to what to call the space. So please comment with your ideas here. I keep saying Art Lounge but it's more than that.
The main thing I got done this week was a few of the hanging lights. I used this kit and products from Amazon.
Make Your Own Lampshade Kit
I ordered the coolest neon sign this week as well! I'm not much of a "word art" person, but I love me some neon, and I used my tagline, Bloom Wild. Can't wait for you to see it hung.
Here's what's left on my list:
• Hang the shades
• Choose cabinet color and paint
• Change cabinet hardware
• Reupholster Office chair
• wallpaper
• hang neon sign
• make curtains and hang
• make pin boards and hang
• bring in sofa
• style with plants etc


By way of reminder, here is the design board with before photos.

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