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Industrial Maximalist Art Studio Update

Industrial Maximalist Art Studio Update

Here we are again! I'm late to the party this time, but I'm all dressed up and here! We moved to Charlotte from Scottsdale between the last time I participated and now, and wowsers! We've done a lot in the new house! So much so, that Super Husband (Kevin) and I are exhausted. Plus I kinda burnt the poor guy out so I've worn out my only help! Because of that, I decided on a One Room Challenge space that I won't have to ask for too much help on... my out of house studio in Dilworth Artisian Station here in Charlotte.

I moved into this space in November 2020 with my daughter (an artist and screenprinter) and our neighbor, Sabra who creates fine jewelry from precious metals and stones. The daughter has not really joined us in all that time, so while she's invited to come create, we are kind of taking over the space she had. By kinda I mean we are totally taking over her space. 

The building is 100 years old, and we have a cool brick wall with a big window, and old wood floors. Because it would make an amazing photo studio as well as our work space, I want to trick it out so possibly other people can come do shoots in the space when we aren't using it. To that end, below is the design board plan! There will be a wall of pin boards for inspiration, drop cloth drapes, Bari J. for Joybird sofa, and Bari J. fabric lampshade pendants that I'll handmake. I'll also be painting the cabinetry, changing the shelves and bringing in that cute mini fridge for a pop of color! Also in the plans, a pop of wallpaper! We'll see how it all turns out! Hopefully, I won't have to drag the hub in for any help. Cross your fingers!

Bari J. Studio Inspiration Board

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    Love everything!!!!!

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