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Art Deco Primary Bathroom Update

Art Deco Primary Bathroom Update

When you start a bathroom in February, you don't expect that in June, you will still not have showered in it. But that's exactly what happened here. Nonetheless, today, the tile is DONE. The draining problem in the shower was resolved, and the shower glass goes up Monday. With just two days to spare before the end of the ORC. Two. Days. For the record, I ordered the glass the first week of March, but it won't arrive to my installer until Friday of this week. I won't tell you I was nice about this. I wasn't.

That said, we accomplished so much this week. The tiler returned, pulled out the tile that didn't slope correctly, lowered the drain, regraded the slope, water proofed the surface and tiled again. Yes. $500 in tile legit "down the drain" and we paid him another $300 because he's a small business, and frankly, we felt bad that he lost so much time for other jobs. We didn't have to, I know. We believe in karma, and we are alright with it. Because what comes around, goes around.

After he left today, we finally installed the towel bar and robe hook on the tile. But naturally, I totally forgot where I hid the towel bar, and was convinced we threw it out with the trash somehow. We searched and searched for about an hour. It was in my closet under the shoe rack, it turned out. My bad. I don't remember putting it there, but clearly it was me who did that.

We also got the Roman shade from sponsor, Calico Corners hung and picked up our beautifully reupholstered bench that I found on Facebook Marketplace. I thought a little answer back of the terra cotta in the open closet would be a total bonus and I don't think I was wrong. The bench is in Zepplin/Spice. And the Roman shade is Zen Toile/Linen. I'm totally in love with both fabrics.

Calico Corners Roman Shade

Tiles above are imperial ivory hex and 12" subway tile from sponsor, the Tile Shop. And the tub is from sponsor, Vintage Tub. 

I also got loads of accessories from sponsor, Ebay. I've been an ebay buyer since 2001! I've bought SO much stuff over the years, but usually vintage items. This time, I got most of the bathroom accessories and organizers. I'll be showing you what I did with our linen cabinets to keep them organized via ebay next week. Pictured above:

Acacia Wood Bath Tub Tray Organizer, Storage, Spa Inspired is from seller, babrollekay

Turkish Towel,Throw Blanket is from seller, helenbeauty25

Vintage Takahashi Ginger Jar with Peacocks is from seller, fashionexchange333

Below, you can also see a sneak peek of the Saratoga Chandelier from Hudson Valley Lighting. Also sponsored. 

Calico Corners bench

Basically, this bathroom is done. I'm totally going to shower there despite the glass not being in tomorrow. Not kidding. I'll risk it. I'm sick and tired of commuting across the house with my clothes to shower over there. And, there are two shower heads, so I'll use the further one. I'll let you know if that is a total disaster.

Sponsored items pictured below:

Gorgeous Pomolo cement tile is from sponsor, Zia Tile. We installed it in a unique pattern. While it was meant to connect the dots, we went with a quilt inspired look instead, and we just love it!

Beautiful floor tile is from sponsor, The Tile Shop. More from The Tile Shop next week! 

zia tile

 Next week is the full reveal of this space! Be on the lookout early Wednesday morning. Thank you once again to Linda of One Room Challenge for this amazing opportunity and to media Sponsor, Better Homes and Gardens. 

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