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Primary Bathroom Renovation

Primary Bathroom Renovation

It’s week six of the one room challenge already and I do not know where time went. As a side note, I’m currently in LA filming a new product launch so I’m writing this on my phone at 9:30pm in bed.

We’ve been working on our primary bathroom since February 24, and because of the set back last week, we are not quite finished yet. The tiler has returned and demolished a brand new shower floor. He’s re-doing the slope, lowering the drain and tiling the floor all over again. $500+ in new tile. Lesson here: micromanage the crap out of tradespeople who are new to you, be exceedingly specific about the requirements. I should have said what I knew needed to happen. And I should have checked the slope myself before tile went down. I just never imagined that he’d not be 1000% positive the dang water would go down the drain. Oy. Vey!!!

For the record, for a zero entry shower, I’ve learned it is best to slope 1/4” for every foot to the drain in the shower. You can slope 1/2” for a curbed shower. As a zero entry can also serve as a handicap shower, you don’t want the slope so great that someone could roll too much in there. But enough so water efficiently goes down the drain. Ummm… yes, folks… water should go down the drain in the shower. Not pool. Don’t need a guidebook to tell you this. (Head smack.)

Anywhoooo… After the floor is finished and the shower then properly drains, the glass panel will be installed. The panel is exciting to me because it’s an 8’ piece of 3/8” glass that has a half circle arch on the top to mimic the tile arches. In this room I repeated a lot of circle shapes. And you will also see I found ways to contrast as well with straight lines.

In other huge news, we actually SOLD this house. It closed on Monday, but the buyers graciously are allowing us to stay until August 31. Our intent is to leave sooner. And naturally, the bathroom will be done and gorgeous. I’m soooo bummed it won’t be my bathroom. But onto a new house. Cross your fingers we find something awesome. For now, I’ll be using the gorgeous tub from sponsor, Vintage Tub as much as humanly possible before we leave. 

I’ll be sure to add photos to this post the second I arrive back home and have my laptop. 

Please visit all of the featured designers! And once again thank you to Linda of ORC and media sponsor Better Homes and Gardens. 

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  • Jackie Von Tobel

    Live and learn on the shower drainage but the room is spectacular. Love watching you grow into such a powerhouse and I cant wait to see what your new home journey will bring you.

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