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Art Deco Bathroom - pulling together pattern and color

Art Deco Bathroom - pulling together pattern and color

I am creating this primary bathroom space as part of the one room challenge. And thanks again to Linda Weinstein of ORC and Better Homes and Gardens, media sponsor! AND all of the incredible sponsors of this event. 

Color and Pattern

This week, I'd like to talk about pulling together color and pattern in our primary bathroom. There's two main colors in this room... three if you include ivory. I have pink tile arches over the vanity and orange and ivory patterned tile in the shower.

One Room Challenge MaterialsI needed to connect the colors in the room! Pink here, orange there... but how to pull it all together? Enter... fabric and art. To help, sponsor, Calico Corners is creating a gorgeous Roman Shade that will go over the window at the bathtub (fabric pictured above on the top left and below on the right).

Calico CornersIn the bathtub area, the only prominent color is the ivory tile. It's adjacent to the vanity with it's pink arches. I picked a gorgeous fabric from Calico. It has a warm linen colored base, and features a chinoiserie scene utilizing shades of orange and pink. It also brings in some green and blue. To the left in the photo above is a fabric for a bench that will go in the open adjacent closet space to tie that in as well.

For an idea of layout, pictured below is the room, mid construction. The blue on the floor and walls is not design... it's just the sealant for the concrete subfloor and the old paint. To the right of the vanity is the spot for the tub, and to the left is the shower.

Bari J. one room challenge primary bathroomAs you can see here, the hexagon tile arches (from sponsor, The Tile Shop) are nearly complete. There will be ivory subway tile in a special layout around the tub area, and the orange dot cement tile from sponsor, Zia Tile will be in the shower area.

The fabric connects the spaces. But I did a few other things to connect it all together as well. First, the flooring is all ivory and runs the entire length of the bathroom and into the shower. The ceiling will be painted a shade of pink, and the nooks in the shower will also be the pink tile. The other connector will be art. This week, I finished a large oil painting which will hang to the right of the window over the tub. This painting brings together the orange and pink in one place and it also nods to the roman shade fabric with the blues and greens.

Bari J. Oil Painting - peonies


As you know from my previous posts, in real time, the room is almost finished because we are moving. That said, I wanted to mention a problem we uncovered during inspection of the house. We hadn't run the water in the shower yet, because the glass wasn't up. So, naturally, we hadn't tested the drain slope. Well, lo and behold, the tiler did it wrong and the shower didn't drain. There's no way that's acceptable to us, and we certainly wouldn't leave our buyers with a faulty shower. Luckily, our tiler took full responsibility and he will be removing the shower floor tile and redoing the slope to the drain next week when more tile comes in. I'm out the cost of the tile. There's several lessons here though... again, always always ask your trades HOW they are going to achieve the result you are asking them to achieve and for the love of all that is holy, test the dang slope to make sure it freaking drains before it's all done. It's a rough environment out there right now to get trades in to your home. Do your own research. I should have micro managed this process more, it turns out. But you can bet your bippy, next week Super Hub will be in there looking over his shoulder to make sure it's absolutely correct. Meanwhile, I will be in LA for a special upcoming release that I cannot wait to share with you! 

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