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One Room Challenge - Week Two - Modern Maximalist Master Bedroom

One Room Challenge - Week Two - Modern Maximalist Master Bedroom

It's week two of The One Room Challenge, and we are moving along swiftly here. (Find week one here.)

This Week's Finishes

• The bed has arrived and is in place. We ended up buying a new mattress too while we were at it. Another Temperpedic. We had one for 15 years so we figured we wouldn't reinvent the wheel since we loved it. But 15 years is A LOT for a mattress so, onward. The new mattress is super comfy.

Joybird Camille Bed in Bari J. master bedroom. Willa Heart art from Chairish. Pug. Kip and Co throw.

• This week we painted the room Sherwin Williams Pure White (and by "we" I mean I hired someone because I'm SO OVER painting walls). I've never used such a white white, and I love it! 

A bit of advice on choosing whites and about various brands: If you are picking a white for a dark room, you can go with something with a touch of yellow. The light will cool it. If it's a bright room, go with something a touch blue and the light will warm it. 

It's important to pick a color from the brand your painter (or you) will be using. All brands start with a different white base. You can never truly get an exact match. I learned this the hard way. If you want to make sure your painter will use a particular brand, call the local store that carries it and ask for a recommended painter. Always double check with the painter on the brand they are using.

• We finalized plans for our floating night stands deciding in the end to do two floating shelves on each side of the bed. They will go from the bed to the end of the wall for a built in feel. Each will be 14" in depth and 3.5" thick.

• In preparation for the new night stands, we moved the light switches that were next to the bed. They were hung quite high for a standard bed, but our new platform bed is much lower, so we moved the switches down to a convenient height and added USB outlets... because it's 2019.

• I've come up with a plan for the sitting area. There was a white slip covered pottery barn love seat there which I gave to my daughter. I, instead, purchased this vintage bench from Modern Manor. I love that the lucite legs have an arch shape as the rug that I'm using in under the bed does as well. Repeating shapes in decor makes me happy. Often I do it just accidentally.  I'm recovering this bench in pink velvet as the leather just feels too heavy to me. It will be centered on the wall with this painting I am working on, and there will be a palm tree next to it. Side story: The hub is adamant about wanting a palm tree in this room, which I think is so sweet. He thinks with all the greens, it's only right. I also ordered a faux cow hide for an extra layer here.

Bari J. Art Chinoiserie

 • The wallpaper design for the ceiling was finalized and is now in production. I had a hell of a time convincing someone to do the installation as it's a cove ceiling. More than 1' all the way around is a bump out with about a foot of clearance to get your arms in to install. See photo. There's ambiance lighting in the cove which makes it super cool, but three installers told me they were too old for that and my husband just rolled his eyes. Lord knows I'm not doing it. LOL. I almost gave up w the printer referred me to a great guy who thankfully said yes.

This is the paper for the ceiling. Again, it will soon be available on my website.

 Bari J. Wallpaper

• Sadly, there was a miscommunication with the carpenter that was fixing up the credenza that I bought, and unfortunately the chrome bottom was removed and thrown away. They're putting legs on it. Not a huge deal, but different than originally planned. No worries. I'll Tim Gunn it and "make it work".

• I found gorgeous bedding from Anthropologie that I'm in love with and that arrived.

• The rug for under the bed arrived and that is in place.

• The art for over the bed arrived from Chairish. It's by Alyssa Jill Harris (Willa Heart). I'm absolutely in LOVE.

What still needs to be done

• We are waiting on the credenza to arrive in a week or so.

• The wallpaper will be installed on the ceiling on the 16th.

• Floating nightstands need to be made and installed.

• I'm considering a large mirror for the wall next to the sliding glass door.

• Need to buy a palm tree per the hub.

• I need to come up with a plan for styling around the TV. I'm actually thinking pretty minimal. I'm not in love with the idea of a gallery wall around it, and I tend to think less is more in this regard. Also... I'm not a fan of TV in the bedroom, but I was vetoed on this point. The man deals with my pink sectional in the living room, I deal with his TV in the bedroom. 

• A few accessories need to be purchased.

• Pillow cases need to be sewn.

• Bench needs to be recovered.

• Hang chandelier.

 Where to get the items in this room

Bed: Camille by Joybird.

Art over bed: Willa Heart from Chairish

• Rug: Sarah Sherman Samuels for Lulu and Georgia

• Wallpaper: Coming soon to Bari J.

( A few of the pieces in this room are sponsored such as the gorgeous Camille bed from Joybird. As always, I only promote products I truly love and want.)

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  • Kate Pearce

    incredible, as always, bari!

  • Jenasie

    This is absolutely amazing!!! The color of your bed is perfect. And this ceiling is going to be epic!

  • Create/Enjoy (@suzannahstanley)

    It’s looking so polished already!!

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