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How to Style a Coffee Table

How to Style a Coffee Table

Coffee tables. They need to be useful, but we also want them to look pretty when not in use. So how do you style them? 
I follow a few simple guidelines.
1. Display items in odd numbers.
2. Use a tray or fabric to anchor items on the table.
3. Don't cover the whole table. Leave room for drinks etc.
4. Vary the height of items on the coffee table. You can use books to raise items that aren't quite tall enough.
Below, I styled my coffee table four different ways inspired by Springtime to show you how.
Coffee table styling. Three pink vases
In this first image, I used a basket charger meant for the dining table as an anchor. I used three coordinating pink glass vases, two with plant cuttings in them as a focus.
coffee table styling - how to style a coffee table DIY
This image utilizes books as the anchor. On top, a ball jar of daffodils and a small bottle with a plant cutting. Neutral beads serve was the third object to balance out the design.
Coffee table styling - how to style a coffee table for spring
This is probably my favorite of the four stylings. The white sculptural vases mixed with the brass candle stick and marble and brass tray plus the colorful flowers is simple and yet statement making.
How to style a coffee table. Mosaic coffee tableLastly, this image uses a rattan tray as my anchor piece. On it is a simple dish with a vase of monstera leaves. That acts as the first item. The second item is the small bottle and the third is the larger book. I added the green beads for a bit of color.
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  • Tina

    Great tips and beautiful table displays!!🌸

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