Find Your Inner Maximalist with Wallpaper and Murals

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By now, you know about my love affair with color and pattern, and that is why I've painted most of the walls in our house a bright white. That might seem counterintuitive, but there's a method to my madness. I figure that if most of the space is white, I can do as I please on a wall or two here and there and go wild with textiles and rugs. That's part of what I mean when I say "Curated Maximalism". It's not all the stuff all the time, but rather where it will create the most impact. There are two walls in the house that are painted a dark navy blue (pretty neutral but it adds a pop). The nice thing about wallpaper and murals these days, is most brands have a peel and stick option... that means when you go to sell your house and your realtor says, "ummm, well, you know, home buyers like neutral," you can just peel off the wallpaper. And if you have commitment issues, it's no big deal either. I, of course, encourage you to go for it either way. Wallpapers and murals can add so much personality and fun to a space. Below are , as well as some wonderful rooms I found on Pinterest.
In my studio this weekend, we put up this mural which is actually a blow up of one of my earlier paintings from Murals Your Way.
Bari J. mural for Murals Your Way
Bari J. Mural for Murals Your Way
Garden at Midnight Mural by Bari J. for Murals Your Way
In this room by Classy Clutter, they used another Bari J. mural for Murals Your Way to add drama to a wall of this office in a converted garage space. I'm in love with how all of the colors work together in this room. And, as always, leopard print goes with absolutely everything.
Bari J. For Murals Your Wall via Classy Clutter
Below, is another Bari J. mural that Classy Clutter put up in a children's room.
Bari J. Fox in the Garden Mural for Murals Your Way
I'm absolutely in love with these spaces that I found on Pinterest as well. You can find links to all of them here. You'll notice in many of these spaces, the color and pattern is again against bright white. 
Maximalist Walls
Maximalist WallpaperMaximalist Wallpaper
I LOVE this use of wallpaper on the ceiling. And the color pop in the hallway leading to a bright white room with a little more pattern and color going on ... le sigh! 
Be sure to check out more incredible Maximalist rooms and spaces here.

Sage Inspiration

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Hello all, I'm Alexis (Find me on IG @myysweetsunshine ) and I get to take over Bari's blog for today! So who am I? I think that is a question for the ages! Kidding.  First, I am a full time Momma of 2, Logan and Taylor. I am also a full time seamstress and designer for Violette Field Threads.  Before I started working with VFT I was an Etsy Shop Owner of My Sweet Sunshine. I have been a HUGE fan and follower of Bari since my early days of running my shop.  I always wanted to use the best (her's of course) fabric for my creations. I used Bari's Emmy Grace, Budquette Nightfall and LillyBelle's Garden Rocket for so many of my dresses and skirts. She always knows how to bring Maximalist and boho together in her collections. It is one of my favorite things about her style. 

Bari just released her lastest fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabric called, Sage.  This Fabric collection is infused with the beauty of Arizona. This is true Bari style, Sage is full of vibrant colors and Maximalist prints.  The Cacti and Lemon prints are ON POINT and the GRAND florals are polished boho chic! 

I started sewing for the blog post right after Christmas and my daughter and I decided that she needed more winter to spring clothes. So what better way to fill up her closet but tons of prints from Sage! Are you ready for this? I made her 4 (plus 2 I made for the Lookbook) garments using 5 different prints. Most of them are tops because she is a crazy preteen that prefers tops and pants to dresses. BUT, I got one dress in there- HA! Mom still wins (a little). Blahahahahaha 

We decided to make a day out of our photoshoot so we jumped in the car and headed down to San Diego's Balboa Park. This place is so beautiful and makes for a beautiful background.

Enough chatting, let's get this party started...

Look 1

Fabric: Bougainvillea in Evergreen and Prickly Pear in Indigo

(Pattern used for Look 1- Violette Field Threads Pepper Tween)

Look  2

Fabric: Baja  Weave in Mauve

(Pattern used for Look 2- Violette Field Threads Matilda Tween-modified)

Look 3

Fabric:Bougainvillea in Evergreen

 (Pattern used for Look 3- Violette Field Threads Julianna Dress)

Look 4

Fabric: Coyote and Quail in Lavender

Did you notice the special coloring book in those photos? Have you already grabbed a copy of Bari's Make Something Beautiful for yourself? If you have not, check it out HERE. They make for great gifts!! This one is heading to a very special friend who is battling Breast Cancer. 

 (Pattern used for Look 4- Violette Field Threads Matilda Tween-modified)

I also made 2 "looks" for Art Gallery Fabrics Sage Lookbook. Here is one photo...

Fabric used:

Dress 1-Painted Desert Night in Voile with  Sunswept Canyon Sage

Dress 2- Yuma Lemons Glare, Saguaro Crest Olive, Bougainvillea Lilac 

If you want to see more go check out the full  Sage lookbook. Just be careful you may find yourself falling head over heels for all the beautiful creations! I about died over that Quilt!

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog. I hope I could provide some inspiration and really had fun sharing my love of Sage!!  Thank you so much Bari!!




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Bari J. free downloadable calendarYou may or may not know my story... about how I started designing fabric and art for products. I've told it many times, really. But more or less? I decided I was going to. And I had no bloody idea how that was going to happen. Truth. I decided I was going to do it, and moreover, I said out loud that I was going to do it in a blog post way back in 2008.

This year, I'm embarking on a new goal... a dream I've also had for a long time. Last month I told newsletter subscribers that I intend to write and sell to a publisher a book about my signature style, Curated Maximalism. I do have somewhat of an idea how I'll do it this time around, but it's not like I sit around writing design books all the time or anything. I just know for a fact that I can do it. I know what it will look like, and I am confident I can do it. However, saying it aloud? That forces the issue.

If you get my newsletter, you know that I've been asking folks to share their dreams for 2017. I truly believe that stating your intentions in some public way will help you get to your goals. That could be because if you've said it, now you HAVE to do it... and it could just be the way the world works... say what you want, and somehow that thing will come to you. It's not magic though. It's setting intentions.

That said, I hope you will play along over on Instagram. Tell us what your dream is with a photo and tag it #dreamsomethingbeautiful17. I (and the other participating) will be there for you and encourage you along the way. Keep posting and tagging with your progress and updates!

Make this the year you do that thing you've been dreaming of!

To get the Bari J. monthly calendars and free screensavers as well, subscribe here.

Seven Tips for Pro Shelf Styling

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Bari J. Home {Shelf Styling}

I have a lot of fun styling anything, but I particularly love styling shelves. Shelving can make a big impact in your home and it gives you a spot to display collections. I don't love collections willy nilly spread about my home, but I do love them together where they'll have meaning and impact.

Around my home, I was finding that I had a plethora of pitchers and urns/vases in white. There's even more on the top shelf not pictured here. I also have cutting/cheese boards galore. I have a real thing for them. I pick them up everywhere and bring them home. So I decided in this display I would use them. Here's a few tips for how I pull it all together.

1. Pick a color scheme. I picked white and wood.

2. Find a shape of an object that can be repeated throughout your display. Here you see the urn shape, the pitcher shape and rectangles. 

3. Find like items that may vary in scale or shape. The pitchers and urns are all different sizes, and I've added one wood cutting board that is round for variation on the theme.

4. Follow the rule of thirds. Things look better displayed in odd numbers. You'll notice on the second shelf where I have two pitchers and two cutting boards I added a very small wood bowl underneath the cutting boards to balance out the shelf. Note: It's wood. And white would have worked as well. 

5. Vary heights. See on the bottom shelf how the pitcher and the urn are really about the same height. To fix that I added the white plates underneath. This would have worked with some books as well. And I may have turned the books paper side out instead of the spine to use the white as opposed to whatever book color I was using.

6. Add little pops of color. Yesterday I purchased some flowers, so I filled one of the vases with those. There's some orange in there, so I put the tangerines in the bowl below to repeat that theme. I also added two plants to the display. Note, the objects below are wood and there's another urn shape. The little salt and pepper shakers seemed like a nice balance there as well and added a tiny bit of color.

7. Fill "bonus" spaces if necessary using color or shape repetitions. This bit depends on your own space. Sometimes if you do this it will look like clutter... here it was necessary. On the left side of my shelves there's this small cut out that goes further back. We have zero idea why it's there, and it looked a little odd, so I had my husband hang the shelves justified to the right. My thinking was I could make that space look intentional or have some interest. Then there's the wall to the left. Lord knows I couldn't leave that blank. More is more, yo! There I decided to repeat the round shape of that one cheese board. I simply put my newest fabric line, Sage, in five embroidery hoops and hung them. The hoops go all the way up the wall to look like an intentional collection.

Side note... the wall outside the actual display...

Bari J. shelf styling

This wall seems very much a part of this display since it is right next to it. You visually can't avoid this wall. Here I have a collection of mirrors in wood frames. The don't add too much extra color but they do have a little pop. Mirrors help add light and dimension to a space. Ironically, the area with the shelves used to have full mirrors glued on the walls. It was totes 1970 in here. I insisted those suckers get removed. Lived with them for five years and then BEGGED the sweet hub to remove them.


Five Tips to Easily Update Your Decor

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Five Tips For Easily Updating Your DecorDecorating to me is a creative outlet. And once I decorate a room and love it, I often get bored and decide I want to change it. That can get pretty pricey if you're not careful. So, over the years I've looked for ways to manage my Maximalist Moodiness. Here are my five top suggestions for easily changing out your decor:

1. Start with a neutral palette. I like to keep most of my walls white except for a few feature walls throughout the house. I keep patterned walls to places where they can be the focal point: bedrooms, bathrooms etc. Because I like to change the main room of our home so much, that's not the place I invest time or money on wallpapers etc.

2. Pick classic neutral furniture. Your large pieces are the big investments. That's why I like to go with white or neutral leather and pretty classic shapes. I also like slipcovered furniture for the same reason. Small chairs are great places to go a little crazy with the color and pattern as long as you are aware you might decide to move on from that look and can live with that decision.

3. If possible, start with hard tile or wood flooring and layer on top of it. You can even layer area rugs on top of neutral carpet if you can't change your flooring. Luckily these days there are pretty inexpensive rug solutions. And that's a good thing, because, indeed I do love a statement rug. I do get concerned about waste in landfills. Over the span of our 23 year marriage, I've only tossed one or two rugs... and I've given a few away. I DO rotate rugs around however. Maybe today the hot pink rug will go in the Living Room (I just ordered the one from Joss and Main pictured here), and maybe in a year I'll drag it into the bedroom. That's the great thing about starting with neutral palettes... accessory rotation is easy.

4. If you can, sew your own pillows and throws (or knit/crochet). Textiles are the number one thing I change out often. Being that I design fabric, it's obviously easier for me to do, but truly textiles are the easiest and least expensive way to change up decor. I also have a mom and sisters who love that I do this often, because that means they end up with some barely used pillows and such.

5. Get down pillow inserts on the cheap by going to places like Home Goods. Here's the secret... some of the ugly pillows at Home Goods have nice heavy down inserts. If you can find some that are the same size etc, buy that ugly pillow and remove/replace the cover with something fantastic of your own making. (Note: Be sure to check that there's an opening on the pillow cover you purchase... you don't want to accidentally grab one that doesn't have a form inside but is stuffed.) Now. If you do not know how to sew... I'm just gonna say it... learn. Come on, I know you can do it! Pillows are the easiest thing on the planet to make next to placemats and napkins. And there are tutorials out the ying yang on this fine internet of ours. Also, for pillow making you can use an inexpensive new or used sewing machine. So, there's really no excuse for not making your own. Don't get huffy with me. I promise. It takes very little skill and effort.

Sources and Credits:

Hot pink rug: Joss and Main

Pouf: World Market

Pillows: Urban Outfitters (dude. Make these)

Fabrics: Bari J. Sage fabrics for Art Gallery Fabrics

Sofa and Chair: Restoration Hardware

Afghan: Anthropologie (I can't crochet. Truth. But maybe you can? I CAN make a mean quilt however.)

Bee Hive Fireplace: From the home of Aedriel Moxley 

Color, You Complete Me.

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There's no person on earth who "completes" me ... as much as I love the Super Husband. But COLOR seriously does. I think you know this about me.

Now, that said, I tend to wear a lot of black and neutral colors. I've said this before: I think it's the layers that matter in style and in home decor. Start with a nice neutral base and you can do whatever you want on top of it. You can wear statement necklaces that pop and you can even choose a watch that has some serious wow.

That's why when I had the opportunity to partner up with Wood Watches recently for some posts on Facebook and Instagram, I was more than thrilled. I love their products.

I picked the Frankie in Dark sandlewood and Mint. It think it has the perfect mix of simplicity and "wow". I'm pretty fussy about particular shades of colors and I get a little snobby about it, to be honest. But this shade of mint "had me at hello" (are you catching all the "Jerry Maguire" references here? It was totally on accident). And I don't know about you, but I'm all about gold lately so it goes with my multitudes of bracelets that I wear it with.

All in all, I'm super pleased with this watch and I wear it nearly every day. And it comes in a beautiful wood box that I've now been storing other jewelry in as well. I don't think you can go wrong with any of their pieces. They also make great gifts.

Jord Wood Watch


Jord Wood Watch

Jord Wood Watches

Disclosure: I received this watch at no cost... But I if I hadn't I totally would have bought one and I'm planning on buying more as gifts.

Post Sponsored by Jord Wood Watches.


24 Floral Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

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24 Floral Instagram Accounts to follow now!
When I say in my Instagram profile, "dreams in flowers", I'm not kidding. These accounts are full of dreamy floral inspiration that I cannot get enough of! To get you dreaming too, here are my top picks for floral Instagram accounts!
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Farm Girl Flowers
Floret Flower
Emily Quinton
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Georgie St. Clair
Swallows and Dammsons
Yasmine Mei
Alea Joy
The Little Banana
Frances Palmer
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The Vintage Palace
Slow Wanderings
Sarah Gardner Photography
Toile Branch
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Ruby and Ivy
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